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Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Changes

In the past few months, Facebook has made many changes to its platform that have changed the way in which brands can utilize the platform. The evidence has shown that Facebook is continuing its push towards having brands pay for advertising by decreasing the reach of brand pages. Here are some of Facebook’s latest algorithm changes that you should be aware of.

Post Reach Will Decline

According to Facebook, the impact of the latest algorithm changes has extended to post reach. Brands can expect to see a decline in the results that each post offers. The reason for this is that the News Feed is now becoming more focused on showing content that matters most to users. As a part of this strategy, Facebook will now hide posts that Friends have liked or commented on. This comes as users report that they don’t like to see the stories that other users liked or commented on as a post.

Content From Friends Takes Priority

The update will position content that Friends of users posts higher in the News Feed. With the content from Friends being prioritized, new brands may have a more difficult time gaining visibility within the News Feed.

Content From Certain Industries Maybe Impacted

With the changes to the News Feed, this means that users are likely only going to see updates from people related to things that they care about on a regular basis. This change could severely hurt brands in certain industries, especially those that offer products and services that are not something that is marketed to require daily use.

The new updates have brought significant changes for marketers looking to attract new customers via Facebook. As a result, the need for an online marketing expert that understands and can adapt to these changes is more important for small businesses looking to market on Facebook than ever.

Paid Advertising

In light of all of these changes, now might be the time to adapt your company’s Facebook strategy so that paid Facebook advertising is a strong component of your strategy. It is inevitable that marketing on Facebook will become an uphill battle with the numerous algorithm changes that are yet to come.

In addition, by upgrading to paid advertising, brands also have better control over their audiences and can also pinpoint the audiences that they wish to target. Building a Facebook marketing strategy that doesn’t incorporate paid advertising is likely a recipe for failure, or less than ideal results at this point.

As Facebook continues to involve, the algorithm updates will continue to benefit users while minimizing the use of the platform as a free marketing tool for brands.

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