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Five Website Design Mistakes that Make Your Business Look Like a Rookie

Your small business website serves as the first impression to your business online. When people arrive at your home page or any page on your website, they get an immediate idea of what your business has to offer and why they should continue reading further. This decision is made in a matter of only seconds, and if your website looks like it was created by an amateur, the chances that your customer base will want to read further and trust you with their business is slim.

For many small businesses, increasing conversions from their website is a top business goal. For this reason, there is an increasing focus on the importance of proper website design. If you are ready to design your website or are ready to get more out of the website you currently use, make sure you are not making one of these top five website design mistakes that make businesses look like rookies.

No Clear Call to Action
For a small business, the end goal may seem clear and straightforward. But for a person just getting started on your website, it is not always completely clear what they should do. On your homepage, you should create a clear call to action that tells your user the steps you want them to take. Because of the inherently impersonal nature of the internet, it is important to create as clear a path as possible toward a conversion. This means, making buttons a brighter color to show users where to click or using arrows to point to the options available to your visitor.

No Testimonials to Back Your Offering
People do not like to be first to try something. Instead, there is comfort and confidence in knowing what others have experienced in the past by working with your business. Using testimonials can strengthen your page and give your visitors more incentive to click further. If you do not have testimonials, reference the numbers of customers you have in your content to show that you are not new to the market. There are a number of ways to give this confidence to consumers.

Only Testing Your Website in One Browser
Your website will be viewed by people on a variety of devices and in a variety of browsers. Have your team test your website in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and on their mobile devices. You may find that some features do not look as you want them to in one browser, but look perfect in another. You also may find that some functionality may be lost on an Apple device but work perfectly on a PC.

Too Many Distractions
When your visitor comes to your site, are they met with a pop-up, a video playing in the background, or any other distractions? This is common on many small business websites and can leave your visitor confused as to what you want them to do. Instead, limit the number of distractions and keep your page simple so that they are not overwhelmed when they arrive.

No Contact Information
The goal of your website is to give your visitors a reason, as well as a way, to contact you. Many small businesses forget to make contacting your business or learning more about who your business is, easy. Include contact information at the top of the page and make it simple to find. This will help you increase your conversions and make you look more professional.

You cannot afford to look like a novice online. Contact to help you build or rebuild your website.  Make your site look more professional and make a positive first impression in the process.

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