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How to Connect Better with Mobile Users

More and more consumers are using mobile devices to access the internet. For this reason, the market of mobile users is coming increasingly into view among small businesses. However, this type of website visitor is still left neglected in some ways making it more difficult for a company to create a connection with the people who arrive on their website from a mobile device.

In the same way, you would make a connection with a website visitor when they arrive on your page from a search engine, the same must hold true for connections made with mobile devices. This requires a basic understanding of why people perform a search for a small business on their smartphone or tablet. Recent studies done by Google have shown that in most cases, people perform a search to find out basic information. Then, these users finalize their conversion on another device, such as a laptop or computer.

When you understand why a customer is visiting your mobile website, it is easier to know how to connect with them. With this in mind, here are a few tips for establishing a better rapport with your mobile website visitor up front, how to market through a mobile site, and keeping them interested in your brand for longer, increasing the chance for a sale or contact.

Make Your Contact Information Clear
If you have a brick and mortar store and your customer is out and about looking for a business in their area to help them fulfill a need, you will want to make it as easy as possible to get in touch with your company. On most smartphones, a user can click on a phone number and have the option to make a call instantly to your location. Similarly, most smartphones also have a feature where a user can click on an address and find you on a map. When your contact information is made clear, you make it simple and easy for your website visitor to get in touch with you.

Use Emails and Text to Your Advantage
Smartphones and tablets generally have the ability to receive e-mails or text messages. Many consumers check e-mails while they are on the go. For your small business, sending out an e-mail that targets your customer when they are most likely to be on the town shopping for the product or service you provide can remind them of your location and drive them to your store. You can also encourage them to visit your store by offering a special deal in your location to anyone who can show the e-mail or text message on their smartphone. This will help you connect with them and be proactive about earning their business.

Encourage Social Networking
Social networks are a powerful tool. Encouraging your customers to connect with you on a social network, such as Facebook, can give you free word-of-mouth marketing and help you spread the word about your business through your customers. To do this, offer incentives to your customers to check in at your location on their Facebook page using their mobile device. When your customer does this, their friends and people in their network can instantly see where they are, helping you connect indirectly with others on social networks and on mobile devices.

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are used by people who are on the go. By encouraging a connection between these devices in a variety of ways, you can establish a better relationship with your customers and earn some free word of mouth marketing at the same time. For more help on how to create a mobile marketing strategy that is best suited for your small business, contact our team at Infintech Designs – New Orleans to get started.

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