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LinkedIn Link Generation - Infintech Designs Jun 05, 2020

Generating the Most Prospects Through LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is Number One

LinkedIn is The Number One Choice for B2B Marketing - Infintech Designs

Of all the social media platforms available on the internet today,  LinkedIn remains the number one choice of B2B marketers according to

It has been reported that LinkedIn is now responsible for 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites.

Furthermore, he emphasized that one of every three professionals on the planet is on LinkedIn.

That is roughly 400 million professionals as LinkedIn users. So, if you want more leads by expanding your network, making new connections, and finding new clients, we will show you how to maximize the use of LinkedIn for lead generation.

Lead Generation

Leads, or customers who are interested in a specific product or service, can come from diverse sources or activities, through the internet or personal referrals. Lead generation is initiating the interest of consumers to your service or product, which opens the opportunity for business and eventually, profit.

Ninja Moves in Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

Profile Optimization. 

This means tailoring your page through meaningful content that is optimized for searches.

Narrow your niche in your LinkedIn profile by following these steps:


  1.  Provide a working LinkedIn tagline that will target your prospect’s pain points.  Let your prospect know how you can specifically help them solve their problems.
  2. Create a Visual Profile Banner with a Call to Action.  Include your phone number, e-mail address, and your website. Personalize it for the niche you’re reaching out to.
  3. Create projects.  It will highlight your skills and what you’ve done with similar clients in a specific niche in the past.  This will generate high-quality links to your website(s).  Provide a link or PDF to case studies or projects, which will make your profile more persuasive.


This includes connecting with potential prospects in your network.

This can generate a wave of steady and proficient leads. Use content types like links, images, and videos, which can increase more engagement. LinkedIn Pulse can be a great tool for publishing your content.  It narrows down your network based on their profession and connections.

Outreach Messages.

Sending messages to your ideal prospects just like messages in an outreach campaign.

LinkedIn provides an arena where you can network with professionals who are in need of your skills or services.

LinkedIn Attracting More Leads - Infinctech Designs

Reiterate your tagline in your profile when you make a connection request.

Follow-up and then send a lead magnet or Useful Article afterward.  The lead magnet or article should be aligned to your business and similar to their niche.

Inbound Profile Traffic.

Increasing your overall inbound LinkedIn profile traffic will drive more inbound leads.   Here are a few suggestions on how to drive traffic to your profile in LinkedIn, as shared by Cody Dufrene:


  1.  Use Dux-Soup or an alternative to viewing LinkedIn profiles in your Sales Navigator lists.
  2. Produce daily niche-focused content to your audience.
  3. Grow a LinkedIn group and provide value.

Take Advantage of advertising options.

Linkedin Lead Generation Attracting More Traffic to Your Website - Infintech Designs

A major advantage of LinkedIn over other sites is how you can laser-target your audience.

This is very important to note for B2B lead generation.  Neil Patel listed the advertising options you can use in LinkedIn:


  • Sponsored content and Direct Sponsored Content.  The difference is how you would like your content to be displayed in your profile.  Sponsored contents promote the company updates in the LinkedIn feed across desktop, mobile, and tablet.


  • Lead Gen Forms.  You get more accurate and complete information about your leads when they fill out the form manually.  No more barrier to online conversion.


  • InMail.  You can send a personalized message directly to a target individual’s LinkedIn inbox.  LinkedIn offers an analytics platform, the conversion-tracking tool to monitor your conversions through the InMail send-outs.  The conversion tracking tool can also be used to optimize your campaign.  HubSpot analysis reported that LinkedIn lead conversion rates are 3x higher than major ad platforms.


  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Automation.  If you are running multiple campaigns all at once, there are LinkedIn automation tools that can make your lead generation strategy 100x more efficient.


These tools are:

  1.  Dux-Soup – Chrome extension
  2. Linked Helper – Chrome extension
  3. Leadsster – LinkedIn lead-generation service
  4. Octopus CRM – Chrome extension / cloud
  5. Zapier –  Omni-channel.  Links apps together with just a few clicks
  6. Milkshake – Omni-channel.  Sends emails to your ideal prospects automatically at scale.
  7. Call Loop –  Used to send ringless voicemails.  Integrates perfectly with Zapier.


Cody Dufrene shared a simple and doable lead generation strategy system using the last three tools mentioned above.  Now, this is how you can generate leads without cold calling.  The system includes:


  •  Prospect accepts LinkedIn Connection request
  • Wait 3 Days
  • Add to Mailshake Email Campaign
  • New Captured Lead in Mailshake
  • Wait 1 Day
  • Send Ringless Voicemail.

LinkedIn Advertising: Can I afford it?

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is an exceptional platform where you can generate the most leads for your business.  But how much does it cost to advertise on LinkedIn?


According to, the advertising costs would vary from advertiser to advertiser.  There are three factors that influence your LinkedIn advertising cost:


  1.  Target Audience – High demand audiences would mean higher costs because of the audience’s value and competition.
  2.  Bid – LinkedIn’s ad auction has the auction winners pay one cent more than the next highest bid so you will still be paying a portion of your bid even if you are assured that you will never exceed it.
  3.  Ad relevance score – You pay less when you have a high ad relevance score.  LinkedIn is pleased to serve users with relevant and engaging ads.


Along with the above factors, your ad type, target options, budget, tracking your campaign, testing your ads, are know-how you should learn to optimize your LinkedIn ad.


On the average, however, mentioned that companies pay $5.26 per click and $6.59 per 1000 impressions when advertising on LinkedIn.


You can choose to speak with a strategist to help you create an effective LinkedIn ad that is well within your business’s budget.

Possible and profitable!

LinkedIn Lead Generation is 100% possible and profitable.

Be one of the 400 million professionals using LinkedIn.

More importantly, be part of the 51% of companies who acquired a B2C customer through LinkedIn (B2B News Network), and most especially, one of the 93% of B2B marketers who consider LinkedIn to be the most effective site for lead generation (B2B News Network).

It is no easy job to generate targeted leads and convert 100% of them.  But, with LinkedIn, the job can be made easier for you.

Need help getting your own business on LinkedIn? Let our guys at Infintech Designs help. We also offer link building services to help you get the most out of your lead generation.




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