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How to Get Seen on Facebook - Infintech Designs Aug 04, 2014

How to Get Seen on Facebook

If you are trying to figure out how to get your content seen on Facebook, it is important that you understand that a lot has changed about marketing on Facebook in recent months. Facebook is moving towards a model in which businesses will have to pay for paid advertising in order to get the best results from the platform.

However, getting your content seen on Facebook can still be done using traditional methods. These days you will need to be more creative in your approach in order to increase your reach. As competition grows on Facebook, Facebook marketing will require that you become more creative. Here are a few tips to help you get your content seen on Facebook.

Getting Seen Is Not a Mystery
If you want to get seen on Facebook, the first thing you should know is that marketing on Facebook is not a mystery. All you need to do is to make sure that you keep your profile updated with relevant information on a regular basis. This will put you on the track to getting the first comments and likes that you need in order to get your content seen by more people.

The way that you can get likes is by giving your users incentives to visit your page. This can include things like contests, free giveaways, and coupons in exchange for a like. By sending them to a page where they have to review content before they get whatever you are offering, you can make sure that your content gets seen.

If you want your Facebook content to get comments, it will need to be highly relevant to your Facebook audience. Start by working on becoming the authority in your industry in way similar to the way you plan your site content.

However, it is important that you don’t get discouraged if comments do not come in as frequently as they might with Likes. For every 20 or more Likes, you might only get one comment. However, you can increase your odds, by paying attention to and tracking the content that your users interact with on your Facebook page so that you can put out more of the content that your audience wants.

People on Facebook share content that they find useful or think that others can use. If you post lengthy information packed content, it is more likely to get shared. You can also post items such as infographics and videos as these items are more likely to get shared than simple written posts.

When it comes to Facebook the same rules still apply as far as posting high quality content in order to get Likes, Comments and Shares. However, you should also consider the possibilities of paying for advertising as well if you want to get better results from Facebook.

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