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Getting More Targeted Results With PPC - Infintech Designs Aug 08, 2014

Getting More Targeted Results With PPC

If you are using PPC advertising to market your business, you already know that a one-size-fits-all strategy with regard to timing campaigns and targeting specific devices is simply a waste of time and money. If you want real results from your PPC marketing campaign, you will need to refine your campaign by time of the day, the device, and by industry.

If you review several studies on PPC advertising, you will find that there are differences in how target audiences interact with their various devices depending on the time of the day. This specific information is what can take a mediocre campaign and turn it into a high-performance campaign.

Here are two factors that you need to zero in on:

  • Determining the best time of the day to advertise, which is based on your vertical
  • Determining the right devices to target, which depends on the time of the day as well as the vertical

If you figure this information out, you will be able to pinpoint just what device a person in your target audience will be using at that time of day. If you are already aware of what the trends are in your industry, then you will be able to put this information to use in your PPC campaign.

If you are unsure about this information, you should consult with an internet marketing company to help you with your PPC campaign. An internet marketing company will have access to this information and can assist you in fine-tuning your campaign. In addition, an internet marketing company can help you to set up the analytics tools that would be required in order to collect this information.

If your company operates in an industry where this data is unlikely to be readily available, such as the service industry, you will need to collect it on your own. Based on their experience with other companies in your industry, an internet marketing company can also help you estimate what devices and times of day to advertise on.

Where to Start

If you are pretty sure that there will not be available data for your industry, then it would be a good time to look at your own analytics data for your site to see if you can determine some of these trends. Look at how people’s browsing habits on the site change depending on the time of data.

If you have a site analytics tool that offers a real-time look at traffic on your site, then you should check in at various times per day to see which devices are accessing your website with the greatest frequency.

Additionally using event-based analytics tools can help you gather this data if you create vertical-specific landing pages to help you capture leads. These pages will reveal which devices people in that particular industry use because of the fact that you have essentially eliminated the vertical variable.

Do you need help with getting better results from your PPC advertising campaign? Infintech Designs can assist you in improving the targeting of your PPC advertising campaign. Now is the time to request a free quote.

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