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Google’s New Dynamic Sidelinks

If you are a follower of the Google Inside AdWords blog, you may have seen that they recently announced that they will be introducing dynamic sitelinks. Sitelinks are used to help people access the content that they require by going to specific pages on your website with a direct link from your paid ad. These links are dynamically generated so that they will appear below the text of your ad.

Google has explained that this new update is intended to make AdWords more valuable as a platform and will also save time and make campaigns easier to manage. Google is giving a warning in advance that the share of impressions for dynamic sitelinks is likely to be quite low so campaign managers should continue to create and optimize their sitelinks. The sitelinks that are set up by hand are the ones that will always be shown unless there is a dynamic sitelink that will perform better.

If you are wondering if you can use dynamic site links for global campaigns, the answer is yes. Google has rolled out this feature for all of the places across the world that the AdWords platform is accessible. The good news is that while this tool is new, it won’t cost advertisers any additional money. It is an option that is free for advertisers. However, if you put any additional options on your ad or other extensions, these features will still accrue charges.

Disabling dynamic site links is also possible, however in most cases Google says that having the dynamic sitelinks turned on will make the performance of an ad much better.

Google is constantly making changes to its ad platform. It is important to give new tools a try, however, it is also important that you don’t miss out on clicks by using the dynamic sitelinks if you don’t believe that they are working great for your audience. The key as with other options on the AdWords platform is that you test and track any changes that you make to your ads, including dynamic sitelinks.

As Google refines this tool, there should be more data forthcoming as to whether or not it is effective for campaigns. However, in general PPC campaign managers should make sure that they send traffic to the pages that are likely to be most relevant to the needs of those users. This means that designing targeted landing pages is more important than ever for effective PPC campaigns.

These landing pages should also direct the user to perform certain actions so that analytics data can be collected on the effectiveness of that particular page. By testing different landing pages and sitelinks, campaign managers will be able to quickly determine which combinations of landing pages and advertising copies are most effective for driving and converting users from PPC traffic.

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