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Google Authorship – Is it Important?

Google seems to constantly be introducing new improvements for personal and business users. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you will find that Google Authorship is yet another feature that can help to improve your business and the success of your website. It allows you to connect your Google Plus profile to web searches of articles you have published anywhere online. Here is a helpful guide to the benefits and why it’s important.

Inside Google Authorship
Google Authorship is easy to implement and set up, and it lets you connect your Google Plus profile (and image) with published content. For example, if you have articles and blog posts under your name, you can connect them to your Google profile, so if someone is searching for content and yours comes up in the search, they will see a link to your Google Plus profile, your profile image and a little bit about you just below the search result. It is just another way to increase views and page rank, especially since it also gives the reader links to more of your published content.

Benefits of Google Authorship
Google Authorship offers users a variety of benefits. The first benefit is that it will give you better visibility and a better click-through rate just by showing your Google Plus profile picture and name next to your contents. Users tend to be drawn to results with Google profiles connected to them, as opposed to others in the search results. There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from better visibility to a sense of greater trustworthiness. You will also get more ownership with Google Authorship, which is important not only to get the word out that you are the author of your content, but it improves your SEO by showing the piece is actually yours. If it was ever copied, yours would come up as being the original.

You will, of course, also get to build your identity online. This is especially important if, on your website or blog, you have articles and informative blog posts. Others finding you in the search results will get to know you and recognize you as an authority for your niche or industry. Lastly, if you want to use your Google Plus profile and page for marketing purposes, the β€œ+1” button is a great way to do this. In search results with Google Authorship, you will have the +1 button, making it easier for them to add.

The Importance of Using Google Authorship

There are two other areas in which you can leverage your Google Authorship for greater exposure and information.

  • View Statistics – If you would like to view search statistics for sites where you are the verified author, you can do so by logging into your Google account and accessing the Google webmaster tools. Any Google Plus profiles connected to your author name will appear there. It includes how often you showed up in search results, the number of clicks you received, and your average position.
  • Recommended Links – When someone searches for a term and your Authorship comes up alongside content, there is a way for Google to also show them three more of your links as recommended content. These links will appear right under your search result if they click on your site, then back up and return to the search results.

Google Authorship is surprisingly easy to implement, and can give significant benefits to individuals and businesses alike. For advice on how to integrate Google Authorship into your overall online marketing strategy, speak to one of the SEO and online marketing professionals at Infintech Designs.

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