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Great Digital Marketing Infographics - Infintech Designs Feb 13, 2013

6 Great Digital Marketing Infographics

Infographics are made for the purpose of presenting information to people visually, so that it can be more appealing and more easily understood. Many people learn more from infographics than they do by reading a text-only article or blog post, as they can make complex information and data more obvious and accessible. If you are a visual person, you already know the benefits of infographics. The following six infographics are all centered on digital marketing, and are some of the best and most informative around.

What is Digital Marketing?
The first infographic is called “What is Digital Marketing?” and provides a good explanation of what digital marketing is and how to get started. While it doesn’t cover the entire spectrum of digital marketing like CRM or marketing automation, it is a good jumping off point as it explains basic marketing, SEO and social marketing.

Your Guide to Integral Digital Marketing
This infographic contains six main components, explaining each one more in-depth with colorful info bubbles. The six components of integral digital marketing as explained by this infographic are: digital presence management, content marketing, targeted discovery, online engagement, social local mobile and performance management.

The Appearance of Social Media
The infographic titled, “The Appearance of Social Media,” doesn’t cover all of social media as the name suggests. Instead, it is all about Twitter and using this micro-blogging site for digital marketing purposes. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable and informative infographic. This infographic covers everything from the history of Twitter to fake followers and buying followers, to fake Twitter accounts, Twitter accounts by celebrities and politicians, and how to use it for marketing and business purposes.

Marketing with Mobile Technology
Since mobile marketing is integral to any business model, the “Marketing with Mobile Technology” infographic is highly useful on a more realistic level. This infographic will show how the exchange of content on mobile websites and apps can work to your benefit. It includes four main areas, including QR codes, SMS, mobile site development and mobile app development.

Three Levels of Link Building
Link building is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, which is why the “Three Levels of Link Building” is so vital to Internet marketers. With this infographic, you learn about the three levels: self-creation, manual suggestion and editorial accumulation. This includes placing links and conducting research manually, researching links, content development plans, and making calendars for postings.

The Inbound Marketing Process
Another infographic with six helpful steps and elements is “The Inbound Marketing Process.” This infographic includes these following steps: developing a marketing strategy, creation and maintenance of a powerful website, generation of more traffic, conversion of traffic to leads, conversion of traffic to sales and measurement of everything. This infographic is great because it goes into detail what each step is, how to implement it and why it can be so successful for your business and Internet marketing strategies.

These digital marketing infographics provide you with excellent information into the world ofInternet marketing and can help you get a better take on the information you’re getting. Infographics use a variety of tactics that draw you in and help you understand the information on a much simpler level. Infintech Designs would be delighted to speak to you about the information contained in these infographics if you are looking for help in the creation or maintenance of a digital marketing strategy. Alternatively, if you think that you could use infographics in your business or marketing our experienced design team can help to turn your data, facts and figures into a visual and understandable graphic for distribution.

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