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Guest Posting the Right Way - Infintech Designs Jan 27, 2014

How to Do Guest Posting the Right Way

It has been touted over and over that guest posting is one of the best ways to build awareness about your brand and to do legitimate link building. But how do you guest post without getting your site penalized by the search engines and having your post actually give you a return of investment in terms of traffic and conversions.

Relationships are key
Building a relationship is what guest blogging is all about. It is not enough to just have some random blog owner post up your article on his or her site. In fact this is the wrong way to go about this because of the fact that your website will likely end up not receiving any benefits of the post. The reason for this is that if your post s doing nothing to to help the blog owner appeal to his or her target audience, then your post will like not get any comments and will end up becoming nothing more than a pitch for services. Also the blog owner may even take your post down or try to modify it so that it is helping him or her and not you. The bottom line is that you don’t want your post to end up turning in to a waste of time and money.

Reach out to blog owners that you truly have something in common with
Blog owners get a million emails everyday, especially thepopular blogs, begging them to allow a guest post submission. Most of these requests are self serving and writers are sending over articles that are filled with poorly edited work and articles that won’t attract any attention because they are so generic.

A lot of times these guest post requests are little more than spam. This is because the black hatSEOs are spamming sites with the same content hoping that blog owners will respond and post poorly written content to their blog in exchange for a few buck.

Therefore before reaching out to a blog owner, understand that he or she has probably received similar requests so you will want to think in terms of what you can offer that will benefit that blog owners business. Offering money is not the way to keep your post live on a site for very long,especially if someone with more money comes along.

Study the blog and the site’s demographics before writing a post
Understanding the site’s target audience and what interests them is the key to making sure that your post resonates with them and will make them want to click through to visit your site. Writing content that is off topic or is otherwise untargetedwill likely get you no traffic or your post may end up getting rejected by the blog owner. Blog owners are busy people and don’t have time to explain to you what they are all about so it is up to you to do the proper research beforehand.

Don’t resort to underhanded tactics
In a recent announcement, Google has made it known that they are aware of website owners that are trying to bribe sites with guest posting. While the announcement mainly referred to websiteowners and SEOs that were trying to sneak in links, it does demonstrate that Google is watching guest posting and may have some rules about it in the future. So if you want your guest posting links to survive, it is essential that you keep your guest posting tactics white hat in nature.

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