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Conversion Rate Optimization - Infintech Designs Jul 30, 2020

How Conversion Rate Optimization Can Boost Your Website

In order to grow your business online through your website, it should be designed in a professional and engaging way so that users who visit will convert to paying customers, the main purpose of conversion rate optimization.

Your website has features like the homepage, pricing page, blogs, and landing pages where conversion potentially happens.

Each location should be optimized through applying or implementing conversion rate optimization marketing strategies to make conversions happen.

CRO Marketing - Infintech Design

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is simply a process of making the most of your website and content to increase conversions so your business can grow better or generally, maximizing your conversion funnel to its potential.

The process focuses on two things:

  • Reducing friction in your conversion funnel
  • Enhancing the value of your offer

How is CRO Calculated?

Since conversion rate is a ratio, it tells what percentage of website visitors convert or turn into paying customers.

The equation is:

Total Transactions/Total Site Visits x 100

Conversion rate optimization focuses on conversion actions or macro conversions as your conversion goal, depending on your websites like purchase, demo request, trial or free account signup, filling out a lead form, clicking an ad, becoming an email subscriber.

There are also micro-conversions, the smaller steps a visitor takes leading to the macro conversions like social media shares, viewing specific pages, adding products to a shopping cart, downloading PDFs, watching videos, and the like.

What are the Benefits of CRO Marketing?

  • More customers from the same amount of traffic

Traffic costs money because you use a monthly marketing budget to maintain traffic volume, like paid content or social marketing.

With CRO, you get more customers from the same amount of money you spend monthly. You get more conversions without needing more visitors.

  • Profitable changes in your business:
  1. Decreased acquisition cost per customer because with the same marketing budget and having more customers, it will cost less to acquire each customer
  2. Increased profit per customer
  3. Increases profit means you can invest in other marketing strategies to grow your business faster, then have more profit again

Finding the RIGHT customers

CRO will help you get the right kind of people through identifying the language and message that answers the needs of your key audience.

Increased customer engagement

Through CRO, you get to improve your landing page to provide a better user experience which will make your visitors stay and engage more.

Some may even become evangelists to your brand.

Customers will trust you more

If you have a professional, courteous, and responsive website that answers your customers’ needs, your customers will genuinely trust your site.

This trust will propel them to engage more.

Remember, you will be asking your users to share personal information like their credit card number and email, when they turn to conversions so trust is important.

conversion optimization

CRO Strategies to Boost Conversions

Create Personal ‘smart’ CTA’s (Call to Action) on Every Page

A CTA tells your visitors what to do next.

A HubSpot study showed that personalized CTAs convert 202% better than the default ones. Smart CTAs reflect your audience’s current level of interest and knowledge on your brand.

It should be more tailored and relevant to your audience.

Create separate CTAs for example for a new visitor who has not yet interacted with your brand and another CTA for existing leads.

Use clear and concise CTAs across all pages where your buyers will journey through.

Couple a smart CTA with a relevant and audience oriented page to increase conversions.

Optimize the four potential areas of your website that will benefit from CRO

  • Homepage – the number one candidate for CRO because it creates the first impression on visitors to your site and will provide guidance for them to browse further into other pages into your website.
  • Make sure to include links to product information, a free signup button, and a chatbot welcoming questions from your visitors.
  • Pricing Page – provide customers meaningful experience when they are on your pricing page by modifying the pricing intervals, including a thorough description of the product being sold associating it with the price, and adding a phone number that visitors can call in case they need a price quote.
  • Blog – CTAs should be included in every page of your website, including Blog pages where you can lead your readers to learn more about the topic by submitting their email address maybe in exchange for an ebook.

Thoughtful and helpful content about your products or services in your blog page can potentially convert readers to leads.

  • Landing Pages – the elements of a relevant and high-quality landing page that will boost both your CRO and quality score are:

A striking or compelling relevant headline that will make your visitors stay on the page and fulfill a conversion goal

A concise content (using bullet points) that targets the keywords of the copy and should be 100% about getting your visitors to take one, specific action

Eye-catching and clickable ‘smart’ CTAs that stand out visually

A user-friendly lead capture form with only the fields that require the most relevant information you need

Clean and attractive design that reflects your professionalism and trustworthiness and is consistent with your brand.

Run A/B tests (split testing or bucket testing) on your Landing Page

President Obama raised an additional $60 million using A/B testing.

A/B testing optimizes your landing page by helping you identify the best design and content for your potential customers and determine what they respond to best.

Test everything from background colors, fonts, layouts, images, and videos, CTAs, and Titles.

Some businesses generate 220% more leads with long landing pages.

Some find shorter ones more effective. So it is best that you test what elements of the landing page work best for your business.

Retarget by tracking and re-engaging visitors

Serve online ads to visitors who left your website while they visit other sites, especially those who visited your web pages that convert the highest.

This will encourage them to re-engage to your site.

Leverage conversion with a ‘thank you’ page

Include another CTA on your ‘thank you’ page that suggests a related product or a discounted offer if they purchase within a specific time frame.

Increase customer’s trust by including testimonials and reviews

Powerful reviews and outstanding testimonials highly encourage your visitors on your website to make a decision that influences your conversion rate.

A study showed that 91% of consumers ages 18-34 trust reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations and 93% of participants in another study said that reviews influenced their purchasing decisions.

cro marketing - infintech designs

Improving your Business’s Profitability through CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization targets your conversion funnel to make the conversion faster and more effective.

You can target the right customers for your business and achieve a higher ROI ratio for all your marketing efforts.

Ultimately, you can reduce the cost of business and improve profitability when you boost your conversion rate optimization through improving the performance and sales efficiency of your website.

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