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Best seo tools - Infintech Designs Aug 06, 2020

The Best SEO Tools for 2020 that Will Make Your Website Rock

SEO is important for small business owners, bloggers, and online marketers.

Needless to say, it is their lifeblood. SEO techniques can either make or break, providing higher ROI or lower ROI, creating more traffic or lesser traffic, and the like.

There are hundreds of search engine optimization tools that you can use for link building, keyword search, rank tracking, analytics, and other SEO strategies so that you can grow the quality and quantity of your website traffic.

SEO tools are subdivided into different types according to their function or what they can specifically do to optimize your website.

There are a lot of best free SEO tools that are essential for the number of processes and entities such as structured data, Google Trends, search traffic, pagespeed insights, link building, and organic search.

Here are the following SEO tools

  • Keyword research tools – Keyword research for both local SEO and organic. Google’s Keyword Planner is one of the common examples. The tool also shows a keyword’s monthly search, monthly search volume, keyword suggestions, and difficulty.
  • On-page SEO tools – Tools such as SEO Minion and SEO Quake have now a chrome extension to make on-page checks easier. For a more in-depth on-page optimization, Screaming Frog is your best bet. It’s an all in one tool that helps check broken links and other SEO metrics.
  • Link building tools – Link explorer tool or a tool that makes it easy for you to get the best keywords for your internal links.
  • Technical SEO tools – Webmaster tools such as WordPress, Google Analytics, website audit, and pagespeed insights.
  • Rank tracking tools – There are many tools that help you get the best keywords as well as help you monitor organic traffic.
  • Analytic tools – Google Analytics is an all in one research tool that makes it easy to track your site’s content, pages, number of backlinks, and search traffic.
  • Local SEO tools
  • Content marketing toolsAnswer the Public is a free tool to help you find blog topics, Screaming Frog, SEMRush’s content marketing tool that allows you to see what your competitors are writing about in their blogs.

Other tools (like algorithm tracking tools, Wayback Machine, Google Alerts, etc.)

There are SEO tools you can use that offer all of the above types, while some SEO tools may cater to just one specific tool or a couple of the above.

You will be exposed to these different SEO tools and their types as you read on.

SEO Tools List

This list is a combination of paid and free SEO tools that you can use to increase the visibility of your website or a web page.

They can help improve your unpaid or ‘organic’ results while targeting what your audience search for so you can rank higher in the search engine results page(SERP).

This process will eventually increase the potential of your visitors to convert into customers.

Google Search Console

This is the most popular SEO tool.

Created by Google, this is a suite that tracks rankings, click-through rates, and impressions.

According to statistics and research, it is also the easiest SEO tool to use.

Mastering the SEO strategies offered by Google Console will help you rank higher and will give you an advantage over your competitors.

It is not foreign knowledge that until now, Google accounted for just over 75% of all global desktop search traffic.

In fact, it received nearly 2.3 trillion searches this year.

So take advantage of this tool created by Google itself to gear you towards creating high-quality content and increasing link building for your website.

To top it all, this SEO tool is a free service and it will definitely help you understand and improve how Google sees your site.


SEMRush is an SEO tool that is used for Keyword and Competitor Research.
They have created more than twenty ways to research your competition called ‘stealth tactics’.

It is a definite must-have SEO tool to know your competition’s best backlinks, best keywords, best content, and more. It can also be used to determine paid traffic and PPC.

The tool has competitive analysis, organic traffic overview, and even a link analysis.


This is the number one SEO tool for 2020 listed by SEO for Growth, a book written as a one-stop digital marketing Guide by John Jantsch and Phil Singleton.

Ahrefs also comes third in a survey conducted on the most popular SEO tools amongst marketers.

It’s an SEO tool used for research and analysis used by thousands of online marketers, small business owners, and SEO’s to help improve search rankings.

They have backlink analysis tools, Content Explorer, and Keyword Explorer 2.0.

They offer free trials, a free account with limitations, and annual options that start at $99 per month.

Advanced Web Ranking

This is an SEO tool used for rank tracking and competitor research.

Beginning in 2002, it is the rank tracked with the longest tradition on the market. It is popular for its accuracy and the large number of keywords that it can accommodate.

These are what you can do with Advanced Web Ranking:

  • Track local results (country and city level) on both desktop and mobile devices=
  • Retrieve rankings on particular search engines
  • Send white-label reports that can be hosted on your website
  • Competitive analysis
  • Integrate your data into 3rd party apps

You get a 10% discount for yearly subscriptions with a price that starts at about $49.


SEObility focuses on SEO Audit, showing how good or bad your website’s overall SEO optimization is.

They have a free plan that offers 1.000 pages per project, 10 keywords analysis, and a 3-competitor analysis for one domain.

But you can avail of their premium plans that start at $40 per month with a 30-day free trial. It’s four major types of SEO tools include:

  • SEO Check
  • Keyword Check
  • SEO Compare
  • Ranking Check
  • Keyword Analysis Tools

Keyword analysis, according to databox, is the most popular way to think of new ideas.

It is the keywords you use that will land you in high keyword rankings.

When you do keyword analysis, you search for the most popular search terms that your audience is typing into Google.

Then you check whether there’s sufficient demand so that you can create content around those keywords.

Here are SEO tools that can help you with keyword analysis:

Ubersuggest Free Keyword Tool

Ubersuggest a free keyword tool developed by Neil Patel where you can search head terms to long-tail phrases.

The volume, competition, and seasonal trends for each keyword, are also included.

You will get an idea of what related keywords work for your competitors based on what people are typing into Google in a list that is generated by their system.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs provides thousands of great keyword ideas where you can choose from.

They also analyze the keywords’ ranking difficulty and calculate it’s true traffic potential, among other functions like getting keywords for ten different search engines, getting thousand of keyword ideas with accurate search volume numbers, providing advanced SEO Metrics, and the like.

It runs on the world’s largest third-party database of search queries.

Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg allows you to find long-tail keywords, import keywords, and search for related bulk scrape keywords from Google SERPs.

You can upload 500,000 keywords from your Excel/CSV files and get metrics for them. The tool helps you target only keywords with specific SERP features that can really help your business.

In short, these are the five unique keyword tools from Keyword Keg where you can gain benefits from for your business: Find keywords, Import keywords, Related keywords, PASF (People Also Search For) keywords, and Merge words.

More SEO Tools in 2020

If spending for SEO tools alone is not in your range of budget, there are free SEO tools you can use in exchange for website traffic, lead, and upsells for these companies that offer them.

For a comprehensive list of free SEO analysis tools, browse over the Ultimate List of Free SEO Analysis Tools, the Free SEO Tools from Moz, and the 44 Best Free SEO Tools (Tried and Tested).

But if you are willing to invest a part of your marketing budget for SEO tools, check out some of the ones we listed earlier or go to Groupbuyseotools.

They currently offer the best SEO Tools service in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, and several other countries around the world. Backlinko also has SEO Tools: The Complete List (2020 Update) for a one-stop updated best SEO tools guide.

SEO is undoubtedly a big part of online business and whether you like it or not, you will have to invest a lot of effort and maybe a meager amount into it because it is the largest source of free organic traffic, leads, and customers. So make your website rock with SEO tools.

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Boost Your Marketing with The Right SEO Tools

There are many free tools, but there are also paid ones. Investing in a keyword research tool or a technical SEO tool can actually change your SEO processes.
From SEO metrics to a simple Chrome extension that crawls broken links, you’ll be able to find the SEO issues that need to be sorted out.

Infintech Designs, a New Orleans-based company offers a variety of SEO services: on-page SEO, keyword research, web design, and link building.

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