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New Orleans Logo Design - Infintech Designs Apr 10, 2019

How Should I Choose a Logo Design for my Business?

Branding and presentation matters. This is no different for companies competing in the global market, or locally in New Orleans, LA. The most basic description of branding is how you present the narrative and image of your business to the market.

And when it comes to branding and positioning, your business logo design sets the stage for the way in which your business is received and perceived by your target audience.

For example, when exploring logo design ideas for business, an attorney’s office may want something bold and serious, whereas a children’s daycare may resonate better with something bright and playful.

In this guide, we’ll explore logo ideas for business and the key elements that can help you come up with the perfect logo design for your business.

Business Logo Design: Branding Basics

Two things are paramount with logo design efforts:

  • Your logo should resonate with and engage your target market
  • Your logos should accurately reflect your brand’s core values, beliefs, mission and offers

Your company will likely come to be known by its logo, much in the same way we recognize Coca-Cola regardless of language: the bright red can, the specific types of loops in the white font.

Your logo can help you stand out against the competition, communicate value, instill trust, and drive your prospects to engage with your website. As such, it is important to map out early on what you want your logo to “say” about your company.

Hiring Web Designers in New Orleans

When it comes to logos and branding, you can (and should, unless you are a designer) hire professional web designers in New Orleans. A web designer will be able to walk you through the creative process, offering insights, suggestions and ideas that you may not have considered.

Just as importantly, they will produce a finalized product that is worthy of representing your brand, and a logo that you will be proud to show off in all of your marketing materials, offers and website.

Items your Web Designer  Can Help with Include:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Modern vs traditional concepts
  • Fun/playful vs serious options
  • Abstract vs graphical and other illustrations
  • And more…

Color Cohesion

Colors are often the unsung heroes of design. They can be used symbolically or to invoke certain feelings. Studies have shown that having set colors help increase your brand’s recognizability. Colors play a large role in determining style and the ‘personality’ you wish to present. For instance, Google uses bright and fun colors, while Pier 1 Imports is more reserved and calming.

You want to aim for colors that work well with each other and the font of your choice. Our team of designers at Infintech Designs can help you select a proper balance of color that will stand out to your consumers.

Font Focus

Some business owners are overwhelmed by the sheer number of fonts available— and designers continue custom creating more. Some fonts have become iconic source (think HALO for the Xbox, or anything NASCAR). Fonts convey a lot about your company and its personality.

Harley Davidson Logo

Most companies will choose several fonts: the main font for any logo, a sub-font for titles/headers, and a secondary sub-font for plain text. The main font is the most well-known, but the others help bring consistency to branding and advertisements.

Fonts are grouped into three categories: Serif, Sans-Serif, and Script


Serif fonts include Times New Roman or any font that has the little ticks attached to letters. Think the New York Times or GAP. This style can be seen as classic and professional or as antiquated and dated. How it is perceived depends on how your font is presented.


San-Serif is, quite literally, “without serif.” These fonts have smoother edges, like Calibri and Arial. The Google logo is an excellent example of a successful san-serif font. San-serif fonts can be tricky to customize recognizably, but they read well over electronic screens.


Script fonts are the cursive writing of typography—mostly. While not all script fonts have connected letters, they are known for their elegant and flowing designs. The main thing to watch for here is that they are eligible for the average consumer in your target demographics.

Logo Design Ideas for Business

Not all logos are created equal, and few follow the same mold. However, logos can be divided into certain categories.

Abstract Mark

The abstract mark has risen in popularity. You see them on websites advertising their social media pages: that recognizable f in a blue bubble, or that white bird silhouette in the teal circle. These small logos use shapes and colors to convey company, particularly for social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.


When in doubt, combination logos are the way to go. This style combines the use of words and an image, which can then be split apart for different media needs. Good examples here would include Dunkin’ Donuts, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Starbucks, and more.


Tricky but classic, emblem logos are among the iconic. Think Harley Davidson and major credit cards. Emblems take the company name and work them into the image, creating a fresh new symbol to represent the company.


A&W. IBM. NASA. AT&T. Can you see what each of these companies has in common? Their logo a heavily customized version of the company acronym. National chains have been known to commission new fonts, unique color combinations, and more from a designer.


Do you know the muffin man? Or, in this case, the Michelin Man? If yes, then you are familiar with the mascot logo. This style uses a person, animal, or imaginary item/creature as the focus for the logo.

Pictorial Mark

Pictorial Marks are images custom-designed to fit a company, such as the four-colored waving squares for Windows or the logo of car manufacturers. Similar to abstract marks, they are specially created for the company. Dropbox didn’t invent an open box (abstract), they merely interpreted it, while Buick’s iconic three-crests is unique (Pictorial).


Word-mark logos are the clear, concise, no-frills approach to a company logo. Subway and Coca-Cola are excellent examples of taking your company’s name and making it iconic.

Web Design and Beyond

When it comes to choosing a logo and defining your branding, hiring a professional logo design agency with a proven track record of success is vital.

At Infintech Designs, we’re proud to offer high quality logo design services at affordable prices. Our designers will work closely with you to create the perfect logo for your company or website. Whether you’re looking for a brand new logo or as part of an updated rebranding effort, our team can help.

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