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How to Be Liked on Facebook - Infintech Designs Dec 13, 2012

How to Be Liked on Facebook

It’s not just the button a customer pushes to show their support and interest in what your brand is doing, it is an actual feeling. Liking a business goes beyond just pushing the ‘Like’ button. When a customer enjoys your interactions on Facebook, they become more loyal to your brand. This is because your company name stays in the forefront of their mind so that when they are ready to make a purchase decision, or a friend of theirs brings up your product or service in conversation, you are the first business they think of.

But on Facebook, being ‘liked’ is not as simple as winning a popularity contest. There are certain steps that businesses must take to encourage the initial acceptance of a prospect or current customer. Here are a few tips to help:

Ask for the Like – Sometimes, it’s just asking for a like can go a long ways. Asking for the like on Facebook can be done on your website, on your blog, in an e-mail signature, or even on printed marketing materials. To start the conversation on social media, you must ask for the person who is interested in your brand to like you.

Get Employees to Add a Link in their Email Signature – You cannot be the only one asking for the like. Everyone at the company should be invested in helping the Facebook fan page grow. This can be as simple as them adding a link in the signature of their e-mails or asking for their friends to help out your company. You never know who will see the request and jump on board with your brand.

Invest in Facebook Ads – Facebook ads are unique in that they allow you to use the analytics tool to let you target customers easier. This means that you can target people best suited for your business. If you sell dog food, Facebook gives you the opportunity to target people who own a dog or have expressed that they are dog lovers. This can get your product in front of more people and ultimately drive them to your Facebook page, helping you generate more likes.

Give Something of Value for Liking Your Brand – Do you hold frequent contests for your Facebook fans? If not, you may want to begin. Giving something way for free is one of the easiest ways to generate interest in your company. Not only will you get your customers and prospects interested, but when they share their entry into your contest or better yet, when they share that they’ve won something from your brand, your company will gain invaluable exposure to their network of like-minded friends.

Like the Page Yourself – If you don’t like you, why should anyone else? Liking the page yourself shows your support for your company. More importantly, it also adds the Facebook page to your profile so that you can encourage your own friends in your network to like your page. The more people do this, the faster your Facebook page will be liked by others.

Be Entertaining – People go on Facebook for the social interaction and entertainment. When you provide them with fun content, engaging questions, and thought provoking information, you give them a reason to like you beyond just enjoying what you sell. This entertainment is important on a social media platform such as Facebook.

As you start your social media campaign, keep these tips in mind to help generate more likes faster. For help setting up a Facebook page or getting started in the exciting and fast-paced world of social media, contact our team of Facebook gurus today and get more details on how you can thrive in this forum.

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