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Benefits to Guest Blogging - Infintech Designs Dec 14, 2012

Five Benefits to Guest Blogging

You may have heard of guest blogging as a strategy for improving your online presence, but do you know how this works and why it’s so beneficial? Guest blogging works by creating valuable content and placing this content on a website other than your own. Many of the major blogs and niche based blogs use these guest posts as a way to offer unique insight to their reader base. Blog owners like getting high quality guest posts to give their own blog a boost, but what’s in it for you?

Here are five of the top benefits you can expect to receive by submitting a guest blog post to another website.

Get Backlinks to Your Website – Most blogs will allow you to link back to your website. These backlinks are earned, not bought, and therefore tend to have a better impact on your overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. When you write a guest blog post, you can usually decide where and how you link back to your website making it easy to get the anchor text links you want and strengthening your SEO efforts even more.

Tap Into an Existing Reader Base – The site where you submit a guest blog post are typically relevant to your business or industry. These sites are read by a group of readers that you may not have been able to reach as easily or as inexpensively if it were not for a guest blog post. Therefore, reaching out to bloggers with a large reader base will help expose you and your brand to a new set of prospective customers by creating more qualified leads for your small business.

Become an Industry Expert – Depending on the value you provide in the content you submit to other blogs, you can establish yourself as an industry expert. This is hugely beneficial as it will make you the go to business when somebody has a need that is not being met. Through a high quality guest blog post, you can create a stronger brand image by making your company known as an expert in your field. For customers who are not quite ready to make a purchase, this will help your brand stick out in their mind so that when they are ready to buy, they turn to you.

Establish Meaningful Partnerships and Relationships – Bloggers like working with other businesses to earn revenue and create relationships that have the potential to help them in their business. When you offer another website or a blogger something of value, you create an opportunity to open the door to more profitable business partnerships. These partnerships can lead you to new markets and expose your brand to others in the media that can help you grow.

Create New Business Opportunities – As you develop relationships and new partnerships with bloggers online, you open the door to new business opportunities. Whether you find a regular place to post your expert opinion on a specific topic in your niche, or whether you find a new company to partner with and expand your product offering, business opportunities are endless when you start a guest blog posting.

Writing a guest blog post is an easy and cost effective way to gain valuable exposure for your brand and use this exposure to not only target potential customers, but also new business partners and opportunities. When you post your content as a guest on another blog, you are able to obtain free publicity while providing something of value. For help getting started with a guest blog strategy or learning more how this approach can help you online, contact our team of internet marketing experts.

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