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Psychology of Color in Web Design - Infintech Designs Dec 15, 2012

Psychology of Color: Web Design Tips to Drive Conversions

We all have certain colors we prefer to look at over others. However, did you know that there is actually a physiological effect that takes place when you view certain colors? The colors you look at can boost your mood, increase your energy level and metabolism, and drive you to do something you may not have done otherwise. In terms of web design, this can have a profound effect on your business website.

As a small business, your website often times serve as the first impression for potential customers. Understanding the psychological and the physical effect looking at certain colors can have, your business website can be designed in a way that actually helps you mold this first impression in a way that turns a warm lead into a sale.

Here are some of the most popular colors and how to use them to trigger an emotional effect.

White, Black or Gray – White is the color of purity and cleanliness and is often times associated with weddings. Black is often seen as powerful, modern or sophisticated. Using these colors together on a website conveys a sense of tradition and seriousness. Because of this, they are often times used on news websites where opinions are left behind and only the facts are presented.

Blue – The color of blue conjures up feelings of trust and a sense of dependability. It is also a calming color as many people can relate it to a blue sky or the blue ocean, giving a serene feeling. For this feeling, blue is often times seen being used on websites and in logos for banks and other establishments that must convince their visitors and customers to trust them with sensitive information and that they deliver a valuable service that people require.

Green – Green is another color of nature and one that gives off a feeling of serenity and growth. Green is often times seen in lawns or trees where plants and nature are thriving. This translates into a physical feeling of affluence when seen on a website or in a company’s marketing materials. Darker shades of green are associated more frequently with wealth, while lighter shades are associated with being calm.

Yellow – If you want to invigorate your customers, using yellow in your marketing is the answer. Yellow is a natural stimulant and has actually been shown to release serotonin in the brain. When somebody views the color yellow it incites a natural chemical reaction of happiness. While this is a feeling many brands want to have their customers feel when they think of them, using too much yellow in marketing can be too energetic and leave people with tempers flared having the opposite effect. Adding just a touch of yellow in web design is ideal.

Red – This is another stimulating color and conveys a feeling of passion and energy. While it is frequently used to show danger, it can also incite a feeling of action making people more likely to click on a specific button or follow a path to the next step in a purchase process. For this reason, many websites use red on ‘Buy Now’ buttons and other calls to action sending a subliminal message to the person viewing a website of what to do or where to go next.

Businesses spend big money investing in testing colors and how they can impact their sales when used online. We are experts in the psychology of color on websites and know how to design your pages to match your business needs. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can improve your small business website so that you can get more out of your online efforts.

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