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Encourage Engagement from Your Business Blog - Infintech Designs Dec 16, 2012

How to Encourage Engagement from Your Business Blog

You have worked hard to create valuable content. You have spent many hours pouring your heart and soul into blog posts that you are certain people will not only get something out of, but also want to comment on, share with their friends and be a part of somehow. But as your posts go live, you get nothing. No feedback from your readers. No one is sharing the information you worked so hard on, nothing.

What went wrong?
Inspiring engagement on your blog is difficult. Getting people to want to share the information you put forward can be a challenge. Through the use of a few strategies, you can encourage engagement from your business blog posts and get more out of your efforts. Here’s how.

Be Controversial
Businesses oftentimes feel as if playing it safe with their communication is the best method. After all, bringing up something controversial can turn people away from a brand and quickly make your small business lose valuable people. The controversy does not have to be offensive. Your business blog can provoke a response just by playing the devil’s advocate to something happening in your industry. When you do this, you inspire people to think on the other side of a matter, big or small, and respond. This makes them want to engage with what you are writing.

Be Visual
Images go a long way. In today’s society, everything is moving fast paced and at high speeds. People have short attention spans. They don’t always want to sit down to read through the latest study that brought about interesting findings or even read about how your product or service can benefit them. Instead, they want to get a quick glimpse of what you have to say, and quickly move on. If you put your valuable information in a visual format on your blog, you require less time consuming your content leaving more time to share and engage with your material. By using things, such as infographics and videos, your blog can become more visual and thereby, more interactive

Be Up-Front
One of the easiest ways to get more people to engage with you is to pose a question and ask for a response. People cannot be expected to assume that just because your business has a blog that you want them to interact with you. When you ask a question, you provoke a response and inspire people to want to engage with you instead of just assume you wanted their feedback. When you ask for an opinion, you are more likely to get a response from your reader base.

Be Personal
With more businesses on social media, people are expecting a personal contact from the companies they engage with. Make your blog more personal by taking on the tone of writing to your readers as individuals rather than in the universe as a whole. This will make them feel more like they are in a conversation with someone at your company and less like they are being talked at. When they have the feeling of being involved in a conversation, it will feel more natural for them to respond and therefore they will be more likely to engage with your brand. Take this a step further and ask multiple people from your company to contribute to your blog so your readers can get to know the entire team, making your brand even more personal.

Your business blog does not stop with your content. Use these tips to encourage more interaction and get more out of your blogging efforts. For more help, contact us to set up your blog in a way that makes it easy to encourage engagement.

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