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Get Rid Spam Backlinks - Infintech Designs Aug 22, 2015

How to Get Rid Spam Backlinks

As you probably already know, Google’s algorithm has changed significant in recent years. If you have low quality sites in your website’s backlink profile, then they are likely hurting your search engine rankings. Many website owners simply deal with the fact that these poor quality websites are linking to their websites.

However, there is no reason to continue to have these sites in your website’s backlink profile if there is something that you can do about it. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of spam backlinks and improve your website’s rankings in the process.

What Are Poor Quality Backlinks?

Poor quality backlinks are the result of many causes. However, they are often the result of negative SEO and outdated SEO techniques. If you previously hired an SEO firm to build minisites to rank your site for specific keywords using free websites like,, and, then it is likely that your site is affected by poor quality backlinks.

While these types of sites were useful for ranking keywords in the past, these days, Google does not like link profiles that appear to be unnatural because it is considered as trying to “game” the search engine for higher rankings. As a result, all links of this type should be removed from your backlink profile.

How Do I Find the Poor Quality Links?

If you are not sure if these types of sites appear in your backlink profile, you can use Google Analytics to check your referral traffic. Have a look at the websites that generate clicks on your website and create a list using a spreadsheet.

How Do I Get The Links Removed?

If your website has not received a penalty from Google, the best step is to disavow these links at the domain level. You can also go to the sites directly and report the links as spam. This will help to get the links to removed quickly on many of the top sites that are linking into your site. However, on lesser known sites, it may be more difficult to remove these links.

What If There Are Thousands of Links?

If there are hundreds or thousands of poor quality links to your site, then it might be a good idea to hire a professional to get these links removed. In this case, you may also be facing a penalty from Google, which is a more difficult situation to deal with and reverse the effects of. As a result, you will likely need to hire a professional SEO service to help you safely take care of this problem.

Do you need help with getting rid of spammy websites in your backlink profile? Infintech Designs can help you to improve your search engine rankings by getting rid of these poor quality links. Request your free backlink review today.

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