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Boost Online Reputation Management - Infintech Designs Mar 19, 2019

How to Improve Online Reputation Management for your Business

In today’s global economy, your customers have OPTIONS. And as such, the reputation of your brand is worth more now than ever before.

But what happens when you make a mistake? Or if an employee does something to tarnish your brand? Or if a product or service failed and caused damages?

Things happen. From technological outages, to cybersecurity breaches or failures of communication on social media.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “delete” button that will instantly wipe the embarrassment from your customer’s minds. But just because your company stumbled a bit doesn’t mean your good name is ruined for life.

Below we’re going to outline some proactive steps you can take today to improve your online reputation management. And if you’re not the DIY kind of person or have too much on your plate already, consider hiring local New Orleans online reputation management services to take care of the heavy lifting for you.

But this guide isn’t just for those that already have an issue with their reputation. These steps can also be used to proactively build up the reputation of a new company or enhance the reputation as a defensive step against any potential future issues that may arise.

What is Online Reputation Management Service?

Online reputation services are those services that carry out the practice of shaping the public’s perception of an organization, person or both.

These services seek to craft a narrative that positions a company or person in a specific (usually positive) light across digital mediums such as web and social media.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

By controlling the narrative and positioning your company in the best light, you can:

  • Build trust
  • Establish industry authority
  • Tell your “story” from your perspective
  • Increase the value perception of your brand
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Boost sales
  • Increase long term value of current customers
  • Build a defensive wall against any future mishaps or PR issues that arise

Interested in learning more about how fully managed your  online reputation management services can help your brand? Contact Infintech Designs today.

Why Online Reputation Management Matters so Much

According to Vendasta, 41% of brands that had their reputation questioned due to an unfortunate event or mishap experienced a significant reduction in revenue as a result.

But that’s not all…

  • A study conducted by the World Economic Forum found that more than 25% of a company’s value is directly attributed to its reputation
  • Over 85% of individuals would PAY MORE for services from a company with better reviews and higher ratings

Worse yet, according to the US White House Office of Consumer Affairs, an unhappy customer, on average, will tell between 9-15 other individuals about their bad experience, with a further 13% telling more than 20 others.

With digital and social media having the potential to reach thousands (if not millions) in your market, one dissatisfied customer can cause a potential PR nightmare overnight.

What you Can do About It – proactive steps

1. Monitor your Reputation

You can’t fix or address what you don’t know is an issue. While this can be done manually, broad-scale monitoring is best handled by technology that can identify mentions of your brand, company or person for further review by your team.

You should monitor anywhere your customers or prospects might post anything online.

This includes:

  • Social media
  • Forums
  • Websites
  • Blogs

Your monitoring should:

  • Identify any time your product, company, brand or name is mentioned
  • Identify the sentiment of the mention (positive, neutral, negative)

These reports can then be used to prioritize and address issues each individually as necessary or as your PR team sees fit. If you don’t already have a PR or monitoring strategy in place, consider reaching out to Infintech Designs for a comprehensive and affordable solution for New Orleans based businesses.

2. Have an Online Reviews Strategy in Place

Reliable online reviews are showing up everywhere these days, from blogs to social media and even within apps. They are often the first thing a prospective customer sees when they Google your company or related searches for the products or services you offer.

As such you need to have a well-crafted strategy for:

  • Earning more reviews
  • Highlighting positive reviews
  • Addressing negative reviews

If you don’t, you’re literally leaving the reputation of your business to a mob of (often) angry strangers. After all, it’s usually the disgruntled customers that take the time to leave a review, not the happy ones.

Start by:

  • Asking for a review after each transaction
  • Train your support and sales team to encourage reviews after each interaction
  • Make the process for leaving reviews simple and seamless

3. Consider Leveraging the Reputation of Others to your Benefit

Aligning yourself or your brand with those businesses or individuals who already have a solid reputation can be a quick way to “hack” your own company’s reputation.

These types of strategic PR initiatives or partnerships may involve a formal business relationship, or something simpler.


  • Supplement brand partnering with a popular athlete
  • Software company partnering with a leading cybersecurity firm

Not only will aligning yourself with others of high repute boost your online reputation by association, but it will also expand your potential “reach”, credibility and opportunities for cross-selling to new audiences.

Not sure where to find, vet or partner with others? Online reputation management services and New Orleans digital marketing agencies like Infintech Designs have strategies mapped out and industry connections that you can leverage.

4. Consistency and Follow-Thru go a Long Way

Human relationships can be made or destroyed based on your ability to be consistent and deliver on the promises you make. Bear this in mind and apply this to all communication with customers or prospects, from your marketing to fulfillment and support.

Simply put, do what you say and say what you do.

5. Competitive Data can be Powerful

There is a great deal of value in competitive intelligence and data gathered on the strategies implemented by competitors.

By tracking your competitors’ reputation management strategies you can uncover those tactics that are performing well and meeting the needs of your market, as well as identify gaps in service and customer issues from others.

This allows you to learn from and perhaps implement those strategies that are doing well, while learning from the mistakes of others and avoiding or protecting against issues other companies in your market have faced.

Years to Establish, Literal Seconds to Ruin

Your perceived reputation online is like one big relationship with the public at large. Building a solid reputation with a track record of customer satisfaction, reliability, consistency, and delivery of satisfactory results can take years.

Yet, one single misstep can send your online reputation crumbling down.

Online reputation management services provided by digital marketing New Orleans based agencies like Infintech Designs specialize in helping you take control of your brand’s narrative, consistently and efficiently building up your reputation, and establishing you as a market leader that the public trusts.

Contact us today to learn more and find out how we’ve helped countless businesses establish, grown, maintain or improve their reputation.

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