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Protect Your Reputation on Social Media - Infintech Designs Dec 30, 2012

How to Protect Your Reputation on Social Media

Social media is quickly gaining in popularity among small businesses. The reason is clear. Social media networks offer a cost effective way for small businesses to target their niche without wasting resources on expensive advertising. When a small business uses social media to target a specific audience, they not only get their brand in front of a targeted niche market, but they also use the power of word-of-mouth marketing to harness more people within their market’s network of contacts.

Any small business with a social media profile, whether heavily used or only updated once in a while, must be aware of what their reputation looks like on the various platforms. Complaints, bashing by customers who have had a bad experience, or generally negative remarks can have an impact on the growth and overall image of a small business. Here are some ways to protect your reputation on social media and avoid losing potentially high quality leads due to a few negative remarks.

Use a Social Media Monitoring Tool
The first step in knowing what is being said about your brand on social media is to use a monitoring tool to keep track of where and when your company is mentioned. Instead of relying on yourself and your staff to catch negative remarks, it is important to use an automated approach to monitor comments and feedback more effectively. This works well for positive feedback too. When a customer has something nice to say about your brand, rewarding them with a simple ‘thank you’, or responding to them in a public light gives your brand a boost and makes you look more human.

Respond to Engagement from Customers
People have become accustomed to using social media as a way to interact with companies as well as their family and friends. Therefore, small businesses have a unique obligation to adjust their habits, standards and resources and respond to customers who turn to social media to engage with a brand. If somebody asks a question, posts a comment, whether positive or negative, or sends a referral your way, your brand must respond in order to keep your reputation strong.

Take Pride in Your Profile
Having a strong reputation on social media networks goes beyond just engaging with customers. Aim to have a profile that you can be proud to direct your customers to and show off to your investors and VIPs. This will push you to maintain it and keep your reputation on these powerful networks positive. To create a professional profile that you can be proud of, make sure to include the basics. These include address, contact information, website and regular status updates or posts.

Don’t Erase any Negative Remarks
When you see something negative posted publicly about your brand, it is not uncommon to want to make the negativity disappear as quickly as possible before too many people see it. However, having some negativity should be seen as an opportunity instead of a threat. With a negative comment, you have the chance to respond publicly in a positive way creating a stronger impression on your followers and fans. When people see your brand responding to a customer problem, they know that their voice will also be heard and they will be helped if they ever run into an issue. When you respond in a timely manner with a polite and helpful remark, you give confidence to customers and ultimately strengthen your reputation.

The reputation you have on social media is crucial to your success as a small business. It can help you stand apart from larger competitors and it can help you attract new leads by showing your interest and passion for customers, product and service. Contact the team here at Infintech Designs for help getting started.

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