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How-to-Use-Social-Media-to-Drive-More-Sales Dec 31, 2012

How to Use Social Media to Drive More Sales

Just getting started with social mediaor considering entering this dynamic space on the web? You may be wondering if it is worth it and how Facebook, Twitter or other popular social media platforms can drive sales. But engaging on a social platform has been seen to be one of the best tools professionals use to find new leads and drive more sales.

This does not come naturally, however. Small businesses must work to incorporate strategies into their social media marketing plans in order to see results in their sales figures. Here are a few ways in which small businesses are driving more sales through social media.

Take Ownership of Your Business Name
It may come as a surprise to you but with millions of people on social media, your small business name has a fairly good likelihood of already being used by another business in another city or by a person who just liked your company name before they knew it was your company. When you first start out on social media, it is important to grab your twitter handle, Facebook page name, Google + name, Linked In and other social media account names so that you can have full control over what is being said under your brand image. After all, customers cannot always tell if it is your company speaking, or if it is someone else publishing content under your name.

Target a Niche Market
Once you are ready to get active on a social media platform, it is important that you do not try to appeal to everybody. Instead, start by targeting a specific demographic. This is particularly easy on Facebook, where you can see analytics that allow you to only show your ad to people with specific interests. When you target a niche market, you can create content that grabs the attention of these people and use this to create an initial buzz. The more targeted your content and marketing efforts on social media, the higher the likelihood is that your business name will be passed around and shared with other like-minded people, ultimately driving more leads and sales.

Focus Your Core Strategy on Quality over Quantity
Many small business owners believe that building large numbers of followers and fans is the first and fastest way to grow through social media. However, the opposite is true. Numbers mean nothing if the people behind them have no intention of sharing your content or engaging with your brand. The engagement and word-of-mouth strategy is what your business should strive for instead. This will help drive more sales through higher quality leads which will ultimately have a bigger impact on your overall business.

Track Your Successes and Failures
Social media is not always the easiest platform to see results, so tracking what works and where your content has failed is the best way to determine what your fans want. Track times when you received new fans, how you received new followers, when people visited your site, where they visited your site and more. These metrics will give you better information on what is helping your brand rather than just taking a shot in the dark and making a guess. Ultimately, you can refine your social media marketing strategies to respond to what your customers are reacting most to and make a bigger splash online.

Social media is a powerful tool when used correctly. Let Infintech Designs work with you to establish your small business as an industry leader, give people a reason to talk about you with their network of friends and ultimately help you earn more sales through the high quality leads going to your website to learn more about what you offer.

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