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Tips To Help Your Site Rank High - Infintech Designs Jan 01, 2013

Four Tips to Help Your Site Rank High in Search Engines without Focusing on SEO

Tired of hearing all about search engine optimization and how to create a website perfect for Google or Bing? Many people are, and not without reason.

SEO has quickly become a hot topic for many online marketers, and while the importance of creating a website that caters to search engines cannot be overstated, focusing on your visitor is far more important. In the end, it is the visitor who will make a purchase, spread the word about your company, and become a brand loyalist.

Still, in order to find the visitor, you have to rank high in the search engines. This double-edged sword can seem complex and may even be frustrating, particularly for small businesses. So what can you do?

Here are four ways that you can design and create a website that will have your business ranking high in search engine results without having to focus on SEO.

Create Content for Your Reader, Not a Search Engine

Search engines scan your content for keywords and pull out those keywords to match what a visitor is looking for. But if, when a visitor arrives at your site and your content is only keyword based, stuffed with irrelevant information, you will quickly lose your customer. This isn’t just a lost warm lead; it’s also a punishable offense by the search engines you’re attempting to please.

Instead, create content that is useful to your target audience. By doing this, you will naturally fill your pages with keywords that are relevant to your offering and at the same time provide your visitor a reason to stay when they arrive. You will rank high in the search engines but will have a more informative and worthwhile site to visit.

Add Videos to Connect Better With Your Visitor

Videos are seen by search engines as highly popular and help your site rank high in the end result. But, videos are also a great way to show your visitor who you are, what your company does, and why they should spend some time with you.

This visual content can help your brand make a connection in an otherwise impersonal environment. When people watch your videos, they are more likely to stick around for longer, which can also have a positive impact on your search engine results.

Build Relationships with other Website Owners in Your Niche

You need backlinks to look good in front of search engines, but getting backlinks from just anywhere will not do you any good. Instead, form relationships with other website owners by guest blogging, commenting on forums, or other blog posts and you will naturally be able to earn backlinks to your website. This will look good to the search engines and will also make you more powerful in your niche.

Get Testimonials from Customers and Link to Their Sites

Testimonials are an excellent way to highlight the positive experiences that other customers have had with your brand. When a customer provides a testimonial, you can offer to provide a link back to their website. When you do this, you add natural, logical outbound links to your pages. Search engines see this in a positive light and new visitors get something of value when they go to your site.

Search engine optimization is not about creating a page for Google or Bing. Ranking high on search engines instead is about providing something valuable to your end visitor. By using these tips, and some help from our experienced team here at Infintech Designs, you can rank highly in search engine results without focusing your efforts and time as heavily on SEO specifically.

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