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Three-Website-Design-Tips-to-Maximize-Potential-on-Landing-Pages - Infintech Designs Jan 02, 2013

Three Website Design Tips to Maximize Potential on Landing Pages

After all of your hard work preparing for a campaign, putting together the marketing strategy and setting everything up in such a way that you have no doubt people will flock to your website, the last step is to create a landing page. Your landing page is the final chance to convert a warm lead into a sale. This is the page that has the crucial task of answering all the questions your prospect may have and convincing them to give your business a chance.

Design plays a crucial role in achieving success on a landing page. If a person is met with unwelcome images, colors and anything other than what they expected from your brand, they will quickly turn away, never to read the copy. The design is what keeps your prospect – that you have worked so hard to obtain – on your page reading the sales material that will hopefully push them over the edge.

As you get started working with a graphic designer to create a landing page for your next campaign, keep these tips in mind.

Remove all Navigation
You have driven a prospect to your site to perform a certain action. This may be to sign up for a free trial, purchase a book, or join a mailing list. To make sure that your warm lead performs the action you want them to, it is a good idea to eliminate all possibility for them to explore your site in more depth. Many small businesses believe that offering a wealth of information will help a customer make a decision. But studies have shown that people need to be directed to a certain action. By removing the opportunity to explore your website until your visitor decides to make a purchase, you can strengthen your campaign performance.

Use Colors Effectively
Colors trigger emotions in people. Some colors even have physiological effects. For example, yellow makes people happier when they see it because viewing yellow can spark a body to release the serotonin hormone. Red, on the other hand, is an action color and makes people want to click or do something. For this reason, using red arrows, or a shade of red as a button can make your customers more likely to perform the action you want them to.

To be most effective with your use of color, try using colors sparingly on a page and only around areas where you want your user to click or act. This way, you can direct their attention to the ultimate goal making your campaign have a bigger impact on the person visiting.

Keep the Page Simple in Design
When a person arrives at your page, you do not want to overwhelm them with information. For landing pages, it is important to remember that something has already triggered your visitor to come to your page. Because of that, they already have a distinct interest in what your company has to offer. Keeping this in mind as the page is designed will help you to remember that more is less in situations such as this.

As your page is put together, think about the first impression your visitor will have. Will they be hit with a wealth of information to sift through, or will they be comfortably directed to the area they are looking for? Use your design to make your visitor feel more comfortable when they land on your page and you will see higher success rates.

Contact the knowledgeable staff here at Infintech Designs for more information on how we can help you create a stunning landing page that not only impresses your customer but makes them want to act!

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