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What-is-Your-Website-Design-Saying-about-Your-Small-Business - Infintech Designs Jan 03, 2013

What is Your Website Design Saying about Your Small Business?

Your website is vital to your small business. It serves as the front entrance doors to your store in a virtual setting and gives your customers a new insight into what your brand is, who stand behind your brand, and how your company can help them. You have only about eight seconds to make an impression strong enough that a visitor will decide whether they want to stick with your brand or move on to your competition. With that in mind, it begs the question: What is your website design saying about your business? And are you making a splash big enough to entice people to stick around and give your business a try?

Here are some of the biggest mistakes small businesses make in website design that you should avoid in order to make a stronger impact on your first time visitors.

Bright, Bold and Flashy Design
When your prospects arrive on your website, you want to make sure they know what you offer and how excited you are to offer them your products or services. But doing so with a design that is too bright, bold, or flashy can turn your customers away. Instead, lead with a clean, welcoming design that cuts to the chase about what you do and how you can help your target market. Remember, making your website too flashy will not only send a poor first impression on the computer, but it will look even worse on a mobile device leaving a large pool of visitors on the table.

Not Making It Clear what You Want Your Customers to Do
They’ve arrived, now what? Your customers do not want a complex purchase process. Instead, they like to be coaxed in the direction that you want them to go. Make it simple for your prospects to see what it is you want them to do and get them there in as easy a way as possible. If you want your customers to download a free trial of your software, make the free trial buttons clear and easy to find. The same can be said if you want your customers to make a purchase, or download a free eBook. No matter what you want them to do, do not make it a struggle to find your call to action.

Keeping Out-of-Date Content on Your Website
How intriguing is your website? Do you give your visitors a reason to look further? Or is your content stale and design boring? When your visitor arrives, your design and the headlines they are met with, say a lot about your brand. Keeping it constantly updated and gradually changing with exciting new products or ideas will make your website look fresh and innovative rather than bland and boring. This is important to remember for new and old customers alike.

Not Having a Clear Target Market
In your marketing plan, you should have a clear idea of who you want to target. If your target market consists of stay at home moms, make that clear in your design and headlines. People want to feel as if they are being talked to. Trying to target too many markets with one website is not effective and can have adverse effects if people feel as though they are not right for your business. One of the first things your website design should show your visitor is who your product or service is intended for.

As you start with your website design, work with us to get experienced professionalson your side. We will help you design a website that will keep visitors coming back for more and loving your brand.

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