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How to SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your website?

The only aim of SEO is to get your site a top ranking. The sites on the highest position earn a lot of user attention and traffic as they are considered to be highly recommended by the search engine. Hence marketers fiercely vie for the topmost position. Most of the users of the internet are surfing in search of products or services they intend to buy. For this reason if your site is on the topmost position in the SERPs your conversion rate improves drastically with the traffic received. Hence, the top most position is no less than a golden goose.

Since SEO is related to your website, it is essential that you take the right steps while constructing it. SEO begins right from the time you start building your website.

Keyword research –
While designing your website it is imperative that you choose the keyword you want your site to focus on. This requires you to research for the right keyword. For this you need to evaluate the keyword by which you can get the targeted traffic. A common mistake that marketers make is choosing a single word as their keyword. You may get a lot of traffic by this strategy, but the bounce rate will also increase, adversely affecting the credibility of your site.

For instance – if a company selling gloves optimizes its site for the term ‘gloves’ to target a larger audience, they will land up with a lot of traffic. But what if your site is unable to meet the requirements of the traffic visiting you? Maybe the users need to buy rubber gloves and your site only deals with woolen gloves. For this reason it is wise that you target a more detailed keyword like ‘woolen gloves’. This will get you relevant traffic and improved conversion rate. Also a single word keyword faces more competition than a phrase.

Optimizing site as per keyword –
After selecting the keyword you want to target you need to optimize the content of your site using it. This will help the search engine pull up your site when a user enters a particular query. During the formation of the site you need to include the keyword in the Page Title, Meta Tags and Head Tags. Ideally you need to place the keyword in the beginning of the content and at the end of the page; this placement caters to the movement of the search engine spider. A keyword rich content gets you better traffic and ranking. But do not over use the keyword in the content or you can be penalized for “keyword spamming”.

To register the site, it is recommended that you register through top ranking pages rather than submitting to search engines. This is a faster process. As these sites get optimized regularly you have better chances of being indexed higher.

Off-page optimization –
After the on-page optimization of the site i.e. optimizing your site as per the appropriate keyword you need to off-page optimize your site. This is done by a process called as link building. This is a guaranteed way of making a strong presence of your site. By building links with a popular site the users begin to trust you. Also users visit sites that are recommended by popular and trusted websites. You not only gain the trust of the users but also of the search engine.

Building links is like getting votes for your site. The more votes you get the better it is. For this you need to build inbound links. The following ways can help in building links –

  • Press Releases
  • Article Distribution
  • Directory Listings
  • Link Exchanges
  • Three-way Linking
  • One-way Linking
  • Multi way Linking
  • Forum Posting
  • Blogging
  • Social networking via sites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut etc.
  • Link campaigns, such as asking complementary businesses to provide links

SEO organizations are well versed with these methods. Moreover they are capable of devising even better strategies to improve your site ranking. is a New Orleans boutique organization that provides services like SEM, Internet Marketing, SEO, web designing and much more to companies seeking to build a brand. It is a one stop shop for all your internet marketing needs.   Call Brian Hong for your Free SEO Consultation – (504) 717 4837