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Is SEO Really Worth the Hassle?

There is an aura of negativity that seems to fall over search engine optimization.   Other marketing tactics where there is a visible product such as an advertisement, directory listing, leaflet, radio ad, commercial etc. can be associated with a rise in sales or inquiries more immediately if done correctly.   SEO is a different ball game where you potentially may have to wait a period of time until your website climbs up the natural search engine rankings.   Because to the untrained eye it’s hard to see what work is being done ‘behind the scenes’ on a website, this often gives website owners the right to be concerned about where their investment is going.

Searching the internet on the subject of SEO will bring you a vast array of opinions, but there is no arguing that having your website on page one of Google for your relevant keyword(s) will increase your business.   Knowing this, you need to find a good SEO company.  Again searching the internet you will come across many stories of how people have been taken in and financially abused by certain SEO companies who have very tight terms and conditions which mean they can take your money and do next to nothing if they wanted to.

Additional searches on the internet and you will find endless amounts of SEO companies all promising the world for prices that seem to good to be true.  You may be wondering how to choose which company to work with and can the company offering the SEO services at 50% cheaper really do the same quality of work etc…

With SEO it’s important to note, it’s a very labor intensive job, it takes a lot of man hours to run a successful campaign.  If you find a company offering SEO services at costs way below normal,  it might be a waste of time if no results are being accomplished.

It’s also important not to trust a company that promises you position 1, page 1 rankings. No true SEO marketing professional would make this claim; search engines algorithms are continuously being updated and improved to ensure only the most relevant sites are ranked highly.

Infintech Designs is a company that:

  • Answers the phone
  • A company that spends time going through your options and explains every part of the process in as much detail as you need
  • A company that is not trying to force a sale on you
  • A company that can give you examples of work done, real verifiable references from existing clients, look at the company’s own website – ensure its ranking on page 1 of Google for their main keywords this is the main test!

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