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How to Tell Your Story Visually On Your Website

Have you ever arrived at a website that was filled with just the right amount of images and text that made it simple to tell what the marketer and company were trying to convey? Website visitors have a short attention span and appreciate when they are met with simple images that tell a story rather than lengthy content that takes time and effort to read or engage with. For this reason, using visual assistance to give your business story a boost can help you increase your conversions and drive more revenues.

But telling your business story through images does not always seem as simple and straightforward as you would like it to be. You may have a lot to say and a simple picture may not be enough. Here are a few ways that your business can use images to tell even the most complex story and still drive more sales.

Word Clouds
Word clouds are fun ways to get creative with the words you use most often to describe your business. These words are then put in vibrant colors and combined together to form an overall shape. For example, you may want to use a quote bubble filled with positive words about your business on a testimonials page to convey that the kind words in the word cloud are what people are saying to describe your business. The image is complex in that it uses many words, but it is also simplistic in that it allows you to use one shape to tell a story visually.

Infographics have picked up speed in terms of their popularity and now many small businesses are using these instead of blog posts. An infographic takes hard facts and data and turns it into an easy-to-visualize graphic. This makes it easier to get a point across in a faster to read and easier to skim style than if a writer was to pen an entire article or blog post about the facts and figures. An infographic is ideal for showing statistics, study results or survey findings and it can tell a story of what is happening in your industry in a visual way that is interesting and informative at the same time.

More and more people are watching videos online. Whether by tuning in on a smartphone or pressing the play button when they arrive on a website, videos are one of the fastest growing content mediums that people are engaging with. The reason is, a lot more can be said vocally in a short period than people can, or are willing to, read in an article. Videos are often used to strengthen an article by summing up the points. They are also used to connect better with website visitors by giving a visual insight into the people behind a business and the culture of a company.

Flow Charts
Some small businesses have a complex product that is extremely useful but difficult to describe in few words. For these products and companies, using a flow chart to show the process of using a product is a good way to quickly give a visual representation of what a customer can expect. For example, if you offer a home brewing supply business, you may want to use a flow chart to simplify the seemingly complex brewing process into easy to follow steps. This visual aid will help tell a story about what a customer can expect when they purchase your system.

Small businesses have a lot to tell their customers, which sometimes is best done with images. For help telling your story visually, contact us here at Infintech Designs.

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