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Does Your Business Blog Have These Elements?

A business blog is a powerful marketing tool. It can attract new customers, keep current customers engaged and loyal to your brand, and establish your small business as an industry expert. But not all blogs are created equal. There are a number of features that differentiate blogs, and in order to succeed online, there are certain must-have elements to make your blog stand out.

For big companies and those businesses with the most successful blogs, there are specific features that have been added to help drive interest and maintain a strong reader base. Here are some of the elements of a business blog that your company should have in order to thrive online:

Introductory Header
When someone first arrives on your business blog, do they know what type of content you offer? An introductory header is a basic image with your logo and a statement underneath the image, giving a brief introduction to what your readers have access to. For example, if you sell construction materials, you might blog about home improvement and do-it-yourself projects. This should be mentioned within your header to allow people who are new to your blog know what they will find.

Subscription Signup Area
If your readers like what they see, and chances are, they will, they should have the opportunity to get notifications of new blog posts sent straight to their inbox. This will encourage them to come back whenever you offer something new, and give you access to their e-mail address, which can be used to nurture the new lead. Subscribing to a blog should be easy. Have a box on the side of your blog where people can quickly enter their personal information and be signed up to get more of your content.

Social Networking Buttons
As your reader is checking out your blog posts, chances are they will find something that they not only find interesting, but also think someone else in their network of friends will find interesting. This may cause them to want to share your content on their social media channel of choice. When you have sharing buttons on the side of your blog, you make this simple and easy for them to do. This will give your word of mouth marketing a boost, and make promoting your content simple for your readers.

Search Box
As your blog expands, your visitors will not want to sift through blog posts to find something specific. Instead, put a search box on your blog to make it easy to find a blog post that is relevant to your reader’s interest. This will make your business blog easier to navigate and more valuable to your end reader as a whole.

Related Posts
At the end of each blog post, your reader is likely left wanting more information related to the topic you discussed. For this reason, major blogs, and the most successful business blogs, always include a few related posts at the bottom of their blogs to keep their readers on their page and engaging with their content. This is valuable not only for your reader, but also for your business by offering more information on a specific topic to help establish your position as an industry leader. The more your readers click through to related posts, the more likely they are to find something they connect with and want to share with their network of friends, making your blog work harder for your business.

If your business wants help designing a blog that will attract readers and keep them engaged with your material, contact Infintech Designs for help. We will work with you to setup a blog that will make a splash in your industry.

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