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Is Your Business Website Ready for a Redesign?

With the new year comes a fresh start, not only for individuals, but also for businesses. This is the time of year when more businesses take a step back and look at where they can improve. With new strategies in place, many small businesses look at their online presence and wonder if it is time for a website redesign. With technology changing at a rapid clip, more and more businesses are using this opportunity to take advantage of new design trends and opportunities.

Businesses of all sizes frequently give their website an update, and making small changes to test how effective certain strategies are, or add new features to try to see if they can capture more leads and drive more revenue. While redesigning a website can be a big decision, it is an important one for the marketing strategies used in your small business.

Here are a few ways you can know if your business website is ready for a redesign:

Your Website is Not Ranking Well in Search Engines
The way your website is designed has a direct impact in how well you rank in the search engines. There are many factors that search engines use that are based on website design to determine where specific pages will rank. For example, if your website is slow to load because of too many videos, pop-ups, sounds or images, the search engines may punish your website for this, causing you to rank lower. If this is the case, and you want to see how you can improve your search engine rankings, you may be ready for a redesign.

You are not Getting the Conversions You Want
The actions your website visitors take once they reach your pages are just as important as how high you rank in search engine results. If you are getting website visitors, but they are not converting into paying customers, there is something wrong. Fortunately, with the new website design trends come easier ways to target these customers and drive them to take action with your company, helping you drive more revenues.

You Want New Ways to Engage with Visitors
Older or outdated website tactics caused many small businesses to lose out on opportunities to capture leads and engage with the people that arrived on their page. Instead, they were left with a digital business card but no way to interact with the people as they considered making a purchase. Now, new website design trends have allowed companies to change the way they engage with their visitors. By adding new engagement measures, your small business has the potential to chat with your customer and offer something of value to help encourage a sale. This can be done through live chat features, on social media, or through a subscription to your blog.

You are not Happy with How Your Website Looks
If you are not thrilled about your current website design, you may feel that it is time to rebrand your business online. If you are unhappy with your website, you will take less pride in how you promote it online and target new customers. Instead, you may try to shy away from showing it to anyone and not use it to its full potential. This is a definite sign that a website redesign is in order so that you and your team can take pride in your business and ultimately drive more sales. 

Your website is your window to the online world and the design you use is important. Contact us if you are interested in redesigning your website, and let us help you implement the latest trends, so that your online presence can get a fresh new look.

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