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How to Write an SEO Article - Infintech Designs Feb 25, 2013

How to Write an SEO Article

Writing an article for search engine optimization (SEO) starts with a topic or an idea. It is important to ensure that the topic is relevant to your business or industry. Of course, you also want to keep in mind certain keywords that relate to the topic. Before writing your article, jot down a list of keywords and phrases that someone searching the web might use. For example, if you are writing an article or blog post about Jazz Fest, you may use keywords like New Orleans, jazz, live music, etc. While there are guidelines, writing an SEO article is generally common sense.

It is important not to overuse keywords or key phrases. They should be interspersed throughout the article, and used in a natural way, so that they flow with the rest of the text. Using each keyword or phrase once in about a hundred or so words is appropriate.

Your SEO article should also include hyperlinks in the article. A hyperlink is what links your website to another that is about the same topic as your article. Using Jazz Fest again as an example, it may be obvious to link your article to the Jazz Fest website, Make sure you link your article to well-constructed, reputable webpages. Also, it’s important to offer ways for people to link to your article and website. Social media is a great tool for that, so don’t be afraid to encourage your readers to share your article on Twitter and Facebook.

A good SEO article will provide value to the reader while tying it into the goals and objectives of your business. The keywords and phrases you use in your articles should reflect the keywords and phrases used on your website. Articles that are shallow of content and value are less likely to be shared and to receive backlinks. It is important to stress that your content should be relevant to the topic and your audience, while adding value and delivering something readers will find interesting.

Articles that are not optimized for search are falling short of their potential. The best SEO articles are a solid blend of keyword and phrase use and recognition of the importance of the reader’s perspective. Concentrating on keywords alone and not paying attention to the flow and quality of your content will make your reader lose interest.

Stay relevant by writing about current events and news. Articles written about events that occurred months ago and are no longer timely would not be considered relevant. Also, aim to be concise, direct, and to the point. Search engines look for concise content and readers are less likely to read a long, drawn out article. To avoid overusing your primary keywords and phrases, find synonyms to use instead. This will keep search engines from skipping your article due to what they recognize as keyword stuffing, or overuse of keywords, and will also pick up traffic from people who searched similar words as your keywords.

Keep these guidelines in mind, and you will be well on your way to creating engaging, search optimized content. SEO articles can take some practice, but once you have the basics under your belt, you can deliver value to your readers while maximizing your effort by attracting visitors to your website and ultimately your business.

If you are struggling to write content on your own or just do not have the time or staff to do so, Infintech Designs can help. We are a New Orleans-based company specializing in SEO, social media marketing, and web design. We primarily service organizations in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas, so we can assist you in promoting your business or events.

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