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Internet Marketing New Orleans: Top 3 Facts You Should Know about Local Search Engine Marketing

The face of internet marketing is evolving. New criterion for search engine rankings is being included everyday and old ones are sometimes removed. Different search engines have their own sets of requirements and thus results in varied search engine listings. Further, the war between search engines constantly redefines the future of internet marketing New Orleans.

 Below is a list of the facts that you need to know about local search engine marketing.

  1.  More and more teenagers want to receive an iPad as a gift for this holiday season. This means that if you are looking at tapping into mobile marketing, it will work best if your target audience are girls and boys aged 20 and below. Studies have established that girls and boys aged 20 and below frequent social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr so using these sites to build your brand’s reputation online will be highly efficient. Although the young do not have the buying power that your company needs, they can be very influential to their parents and/or adults. Hence, if you are targeting the local market like New Orleans, knowing the number of your potential customers who are mobile will greatly help in creating marketing strategies and a suitable website.
  2. If possible, direct 90% of your advertising techniques to satisfy Google’s algorithm. This is because the Yahoo Site Explorer has announced that it will be closing down on November 21, 2011. Once this happens and you’ve exerted all your efforts towards Yahoo Site Explorer, there would be a lot of cleaning up to do. You would need the help of good internet marketing New Orleans company to claim all your sites within the system and shift to the use of Bing Webmaster Tools in order to keep getting high organic traffic. On the other hand, if you stick with Google 90% of your time, your online SEO techniques remain to be valid. At present, Google is the most stable of all search engines and its power can be easily manifested in the fact that it caused the closure of the Yahoo Site Explorer. This happened when Google has been deliberately holding back links from the site.
  3. Lastly, local firms such as internet marketing New Orleans companies should be made aware that a couple of engineers from Google have come up with a program that encompasses the usual issues associated with email-sent deals. The same set of criteria for visibility applies except that it is focused more on daily deal shopping. So if you are a local business that aims to drive customers to your location, getting an SEO firm to create good deals for you, with the right placement of keywords, will be of great help.

Internet marketing New Orleans companies will be more efficient in their business if the above-mentioned information is not taken lightly. Change is to be expected in search engine marketing and it is how you or your chosen firm copes with updates that set the pace for your online success.


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