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Internet Marketing Trends - Infintech Designs Nov 11, 2014

Internet Marketing Trends for Fall 2014

As 2014 has progressed, it appears that a lot of the predictions with regard to online marketing have come to fruition. If you want to ensure that your internet marketing campaign is utilizing the latest strategies, then you should be aware of what these trends are. Here are the major trends that have continued in 2014.

Content Marketing Has Continued to Expand

With the SEO changes that have come in the past few months with major search engines like Google, there appears to be a shift from traditional advertising via TV and print to online methods which utilize blogging, social media and videos to spread the company’s message. Content marketing is utilized heavily in all of these methods and will only continue to grow into the coming year.

Content That Is Image-Focused Is Top Marketing Tool

While written content may be coming into increased demand, content that features images is also on the rise as a top marketing tool in fall 2014. More and more internet marketers are taking advantage of this trend and are creating image content that can be easily shared via social media sites. Companies can take advantage of this trend by creating visual content that will promote their brands.

Social Signals Drive Traffic

The importance of social signals in driving traffic has increased greatly over the course of 2014. Now marketers need to pay increased attentions to global and local trends as well as industry specific signals in order to successful drive targeted traffic. The main goal for most internet marketing campaigns is to drive traffic. Therefore, the best way to draw in traffic is to publish content that is socially relevant and ready to be shared at the appropriate time. This drives a more effective response from the target demographic.

Social Media Is Diversifying

As 2014 draws to a close, the trend has emerged for the diversification of social media sites. No longer should marketers focus on just the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Companies can increasingly benefit from seeking out and marketing to the audience on social media sites that are niche based. This can provide lower cost, more targeted marketing results which is in contrast to the current results that marketers now obtain from the largest social media websites.

Mobile Marketing

This fall, mobile marketing appears to be growing stronger as the number of platforms that have gone mobile-friendly continues to increase. In order to take advantage of these trends, companies should seek out internet marketing services that can take advantage of this mobile traffic. In addition, updating the company website to ensure that it is responsive is essential to capturing the attention of the smartphone and tablet device demographic.

If you want to learn more about the latest trends in internet marketing, click here. Infintech Designs can recommend some strategies for you to take care of so that your internet marketing strategy remains ahead of the competition.

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