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Logo Design New Orleans: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

No matter how small a logo may look like, its creation is a long and complex process. Those who believe that all it takes to create a logo design is to decide on shapes, colors, and texts are clearly unaware of the true logo designing process. For instance, a company providing logo design New Orleans knows that factors such as the characteristics of potential customers as well as the company values need to be considered prior to the creation and eventual presentation of a logo design.

Below is a list of the seven most commonly committed mistakes in logo design. Awareness of these mistakes will lead to better designs that catch the attention of potential customers. This is because the last thing that you want to happen to your business is for people not to recognize your logo, especially when you’re doing a series of internet marketing strategies.

1. Copying elements of the design
Just because there are so many logos out there does not necessarily mean that it’s okay to copy parts of them to create your own. Logo design New Orleans employs all-original ideas to come up with attention-grabbing graphics.

This principle will only be acceptable if you are creating an upgrade of an existing design under the same company. Let’s take for example the subtle but powerful changes that are barely noticeable in the designs of the iOS4 and the iOS5. From a black badge shadow, the new design employs a gray badge shadow. And from a flat box design, there’s the 3D boxed design.

2. Text-only logo design
If you own a budding company without connections, having your name printed in a fancy manner won’t attract as many potential customers as you originally planned. Text-only logo designs are only reserved for companies that have reserved large portions of their budget for marketing campaigns.

Further, the use of hard-to-read fonts embedded in your logo design New Orleans will only make it difficult to read the design after printing. And while we’re already in the topic of texts, the use of unnecessary wordings will only add insult to injury.

3. Wrong use of effects
Yes, the nicer and more vivid your logo design is, the better your company’s popularity and success in internet marketing. But sometimes even the best intentions can result to failure if there is an abuse of the freedom to choose colors and effects.

During the infancy of internet marketing, the popular fonts used in logos were rainbow-themed but today, the use of such technique relays a message of informality. The best logo design New Orleans uses between 2-4 complimentary colors. It also uses shadows or special effects sparingly.

The usual problem with logo designers today is that they become too comfortable in creating the usual designs. In order to always be at the top of your game, you must keep an open mindset and be constantly on the lookout for new patterns in logo design. The problem is, you may too busy looking after other things to actually have time to monitor trends in design. So by going with a professional firm that provides logo design New Orleans, you are assured that the creation of your company logo is most efficient and well-targeted to your customers’ needs.

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