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Multiplying Your Facebook Fan Count with a Few Facebook Marketing Tactics

The success of social media websites such as Facebook is undeniable. It seems that you cannot watch a TV program these days without somebody mentioning the term “Facebook.” Facebook is omnipresent and almost everybody cares how many fans he has on his Facebook page, whether he is an individual or runs a company. Facebook pages need active following in order to fulfill the role for which they were designed. This is why multiplying the number of fans on your Facebook page should be your top priority.

Learn What People Want and You Will Become More Popular
Of course, your success will not happen overnight, but it won’t hurt to study the major reasons people turn to Facebook: to get educated, to discover new products and new brands, to be entertained, and to make more friends (usually by multiplying the amount of friends they already have on Facebook). Once you grasp the idea of what people want, you can start to deliver.

Use as Many Ways to Create Content as Possible
Many Internet users think of content as text-only. In reality, the term “content” can mean anything from posts, videos, photos to even surveys. Facebook is a perfect medium to convey your marketing ideas into various forms of visual presentation.

Never Leave Your Fans Disappointed
It is not enough to create a Facebook page and leave it be. The page needs to be updated constantly with fresh content so that your fans always have something to mull over.

Concentrate on Your Brand
It is common for companies to create their Facebook pages in such a way so that they resemble closely their websites. This is one way to go about it. Another idea is to give your fans a fresh new look that has nothing to do with your website.

Reward Your Facebook Fans for Their Loyalty
Don’t leave your Facebook fans feeling like they have nothing to gain from visiting your Facebook page. Give them something in return, like a free product code that they can redeem when they choose to do business with you. For example, it becomes a common practice for some pizzerias to offer a discount every time a new customer “likes” them on Facebook. And it works!

Promote Fan-to-Fan Conversations
Engaging your fans in the life of your Facebook profile is a great way to trigger fan-to-fan conversations. There are several ways to promote healthy discussions on any topic. All you need to do is to give your fan base a topic to debate and observe them from the distance. This can be easily done by asking questions, for example. Another great approach is to reward the top contributors by offering them something they want very much. Almost everybody wants to be a top contributor and almost everybody wants to know others about this fact.

Run Weekly Giveaways and Contests
Nobody can deny that people like to participate in various giveaways and contests, especially if they can enter them free of charge. One of the best ways to build your active following is to regularly give your fans something for free. It can be best done on a regular basis. This way you will have fans who will keep visiting your page over and over again.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth Promotion
Find ways to keep your fan base talking about you in their everyday lives. If you are a local business, come up with actions that could encourage your loyal fans to spread the word about you naturally.

It definitely pays to create a Facebook profile that stands out, even if it means dedicating a substantial amount of time to the task each week. If you would like to know how to get the most out of your Facebook profile, contact Infintech Designs.


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