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Free Marketing with Facebook - Infintech Designs Aug 23, 2013

Free Marketing with Facebook: What Everybody Can Get for Free out of Facebook

If you have anything to do with online marketing, you probably know that, until very recently, there has been only one very important player: Google. A lot of time, money and effort have been spent by some of the leading online marketing gurus on AdWords analysis, implementation, and effects. Some of those gurus spent tons of time pulling their hair out trying to come up with ways to make the most out of Google in general.

There is another important player that entered the fray recently: Facebook. Creating Facebook profiles has become one of the favourite ways to market a brand or business, and one can clearly see why: while online marketers always have to pay for Google AdWords, there’s a lot to be gained from Facebook without spending a dime.

Promote a Business or a Brand through Facebook Pages
Setting up a Facebook page for a business or brand is probably one of the most obvious ways to promote on Facebook there can be. Depending on your business, you will want to spend more or less time on organizing your page. It won’t hurt to assign somebody to take care of it regularly, so that the website stays updated when necessary with fresh and unique content.

Create a Facebook Application
Some online marketers believe that creating Facebook applications is the way to go, even if it means dedicating countless hours to the project. The growing popularity of Facebook applications (including games) makes them more and more desirable by Facebook users. Whether to create one or not is ultimately to the person who might want to monetize it. If the potential revenues outweigh the costs of creating said application, the online marketer should go for it. He might need to take into consideration that Facebook reserves the right to reject an application if it doesn’t comply with its rules and policies, which can be a downside to developing an application that might get rejected due to the violation of the Facebook policies.

Learn to Use Facebook Ads
Even though there are numerous similarities between Google’s AdWords and Facebook Ads, they work slightly differently. Google’s AdWords appear every time an Internet user actively searches for a specific keyword in a search engine. Contrarily, Facebook Ads appear alongside the Facebook pages even if somebody does not actively search for something. For example, if you happen to mention dogs in your Facebook profile, you are likely to see ads advertising your local vet clinic or a local store that sells pet food. Some Facebook users might be bothered to click on those ads, while some of them will ignore them.

Use a Facebook “Like” Button to Promote Your Website
More and more websites incorporate the so-called “Like” button to allow their readers to share the content of their sites with others. Every time a visitor clicks on it, the page he is on will be automatically posted to his Facebook profile. This update can be seen by everybody who happens to visit the profile of said Facebook user and will hopefully create buzz among other Facebook users.

For some businesses, having a Facebook profile, without experimenting with other ways of using Facebook, is the way to go. Other businesses will always strive to combine the other marketing techniques to squeeze out as much from Facebook as possible. Whatever your choice is, you should know that Facebook promotion can be a very rewarding type of publicity that will keep driving traffic to a website for a long time, provided that its owner actually puts some effort to make it happen. Contact Infintech Designs to learn more how they can help you with your Facebook profile.

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