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Month: August 2013

6 Tricks to Improve Your Company’s Local Search Results

As Google continues to update its search algorithm, the results more and more commonly favor sites that emphasize their geographic locations. With this in mind, show your local pride by using proven tricks that can improve your local business search results. Trick No. 1: Don't forget to NAP. Your NAP is your business name, address and phone number, and it should be somewhere on every page of

Website Content

4 Characteristics of Great Website Content

As an Internet user, you know how frustrated you feel when you click on a Google result that looks relevant to your search, only to discover that the page is nothing more than junk. To stop people from using SEO techniques to promote spammy or useless pages, Google has developed two tools, one of which is called Panda. Learning a little bit about Panda can help you to understand why maintaining


Free Marketing with Facebook: What Everybody Can Get for Free out of Facebook

If you have anything to do with online marketing, you probably know that, until very recently, there has been only one very important player: Google. A lot of time, money and effort have been spent by some of the leading online marketing gurus on AdWords analysis, implementation, and effects. Some of those gurus spent tons of time pulling their hair out trying to come up with ways to make the

Facebook like

Multiplying Your Facebook Fan Count with a Few Facebook Marketing Tactics

The success of social media websites such as Facebook is undeniable. It seems that you cannot watch a TV program these days without somebody mentioning the term “Facebook.” Facebook is omnipresent and almost everybody cares how many fans he has on his Facebook page, whether he is an individual or runs a company. Facebook pages need active following in order to fulfill the role for which they

Search Engine Optimization Tips

A Few SEO Tips for Website Owners and Bloggers

As a website owner, your primary goal should be to provide your readers with the most valuable content and up-to-date information. If you don’t do it, Google might eventually take notice. Google is adept at finding ways to single out those websites that provide valuable material to its readers, and Google will never falter at its attempts to carefully select the websites that will appear in

Original and Kopie Signage

Types of Content Mistakes that Can Ruin Your SEO

There are many websites that have been negatively impacted by recent Google updates such as Panda and Penguin. You too, even without deliberately making some mistakes that would get you penalized by Google, might have been a victim of these updates. While the owners of the penalized websites did not necessarily make basic mistakes, such as not paying any attention to quality content, putting

Effective Web Design

Designing an Effective Website

A website is an important, critical component of your overall marketing strategy. Design an effective site and you will portray a positive image for your company, engaging visitors and achieving your objectives for the site. Here are some tips for designing an effective site for your business: Objective Before beginning design work on your site, decide on the objective for the site. Is it

Tips for Improving Your Website’s Usability

When it comes to marketing one’s company on the internet, one area that is often neglected is usability. Usability deals with how easily a website visitor can maneuver though a site. Even if a company creates compelling content and markets it correctly, not considering usability can have a direct financial impact on the results obtained from the site. One reason is visitor engagement. Many


Creating a Brochure That is Right for Your Company

Having an effective and compelling brochure is a critical component of your overall marketing efforts. Brochures can be used in multiple ways including selling potential employees on your company, presenting background for media coverage, as a handout at trade shows, and as part of a direct mail package. Here are some important tips for creating a brochure that is right for your

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