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New Orleans Social Media Marketing

Every day information is trafficked from different parts of the world, where people share opinions, recommend products and services, and communicate with each other. It’s no secret that many small companies have taken to social media marketing to improve brand awareness and identity. These days, if you want your business to get known out there, your company must employ social media marketing.

Social media marketing works through the “viral”, easily shareable capacities of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  Applying a marketing strategy geared on traditional platforms will not work with the target audience occupying the cyber world.

Most of the users online are around ages 18 to 35, and many social media campaigns succeed by targeting these demographic. These campaigns, which often come in video or other media forms, are usually related to events, causes, sports and entertainment. Most importantly, they induce from users the element of fun.

The easiest way for many new brands to get noticed is through social media. Many companies can learn more about their consumers by turning to social media as a marketing tool. Browsing through users public profiles allow companies to beef up on their potential customers. Many social networking sites enable users to create specific pages and groups about specific subjects. This way, companies have a greater chance of learning about their demographic. can provide techniques and marketing strategies to companies interested in social media marketing.   Learn how we can accelerate your fan base/likes on Facebook.   Our clients typically get 50 – 150 new likes on their business page a day!

Also, it’s easier for companies to find out about market competitors.  The marketing team can observe on social media sites how consumers view company brands. Companies also see how consumers interact with social media marketing from competitors.

Social media marketing also allows for easier feedback retrieval from consumers. This way companies understand their market much, helping them improve their products and services.

Because social media promote networking, many parties meet and find potential benefits for their company. Creating new contacts are the best way to find new partners or loyal customers. Best of all, social media allows access to a vast network of people who will be able to view an ad your company produced at a lower or no cost compared to traditional campaigns.

Once a product campaign goes “viral,” it is passed along to many users. This method of recommendation is the fastest and most intensive way for pushing campaigns. This information is not just passed on to the friends of users who originally posted it but also to other users.

Creating e-mail lists  for sending advertisements and coupons are made easier with social media marketing. Aside from e-mailers, companies should also take advantage of the high visibility of these social media sites by launching PPC campaigns and other form of paid advertisements. Hundreds of thousands of users are guaranteed to view these ads every day.

Social media has never been this popular and companies have to utilize the great advantages of this marketing tool. If your company wants to learn more about marketing techniques on social media platforms, visit and contact Brian Hong – 504-717-4837

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