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Link Building – 3 Tips To Become A Link Building Ninja

So you want to get your website ranked highly in Google, Yahoo, and Bing but you’re scratching your head wondering how to make this happen. What do you do? Even though the search engines use many different metrics in their ranking algorithm, the most important is getting links with the practice that is called link building. But how exactly do you build links and get your Website top rankings for numerous keywords?

In this article I will be revealing three link building tips that will catapult your Website up the rankings. This will result in more visitors to your Website and increase leads, conversions, and sales. If this sounds exciting, keep on reading as you are about to get a crash course in becoming a link building ninja!

Tip One – Vary Your Link Profile
Google and the rest of the search engines are constantly tweaking and changing the weight or value that they assign to certain links. Back in 2007 links from Web 2.0 sites use to be very powerful but now not so much. Another example is inks from article directories such as EzineArticles. These use to be valuable but after 2011’s Panda algorithm update, links from these article directories are not as valuable.

There are so many different ways to get links such as blog commenting, forum posting, blog network submissions, blog-roll trading, social media, links from video sites and so on. It’s important to vary and mix up your link profile so that you include links from multiple sources. This not only looks natural but it will also safeguard in case the search engines discount or lower the value of any one particular type of link.

Tip Two – Create Your Own Link Networking
A somewhat advanced link building tactic is to create your own link building network. I would only recommend doing this if you are an intermediate to advanced marketer and you have both time and money to invest in building your network. A link network that you are the personal owner of can be very powerful. This is a secret trick that many seo marketers use to secure top rankings on a consistent basis.

If you choose to do this, you will need to carefully plan out your network and make sure that you don’t use services that Google owns such as Adsense and Google Analytics as doing so can leave footprints back to your network and expose it. If you can keep your network safe, then it can be a powerful link building strategy that you can use to  secure high rankings even in competitive markets.

Tip Three – Tap Into The Power Of Guest Blogging
There are hundreds, even thousands of high authority blogs in a wide range of niche markets, where the owner offers people the ability to guest blog. If you’re wondering why this would be of any value, allow me to explain. If you find a highly trafficked authority blog that offers guest blogging, you can create a quality post and allow the owner to add it to their blog. If you have chosen the right blog, this can result in a ton of traffic pouring into your Website and large spikes of traffic will show up in your analytic account. Also you will have a one way (non-reciprocal), anchor text, quality link pointing to any page on your Website.

Getting authority blogs to link to you Website is difficult but when you utilize the power of guest blogging, you will be able to get multiple authority blogs linking to you. This is powerful stuff!

Now you have three powerful link building tips at your disposal.  To recap quickly, start varying your link building profile so that you stay natural to the search engines and safe. If you are an experienced marketer, build a link network to significantly boost your ability to rank Websites. And lastly, seek out authority blogs in your niche that offer guest blogging and tap into the power that they offer in regards to traffic and rankings.

Now go forth link building Ninja and take over the rankings!

If you are looking assistance in building traffic and improving rankings for your website, call Brian Hong @ 504-717-4837!  Let the professionals at Infintech put together a link building campaign for you.

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