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New to SEO? Here’s What You Should Know

If you are just starting to make an organized effort towards improving your SEO, you should be aware that there are some basic essentials that you need to learn. SEO involves a lot of technical jargon which can make it difficult for you to remember to consider the bigger picture. Here are some things that you should know if you are new to SEO.

User Experience

User experience is a key component of SEO. This is because the search engines are increasingly designing their search algorithms in order to promote only the sites that deliver superior site experiences to users. User experience doesn’t only involve making sure that a page loads quickly and is easy to navigate. User experience also means having well-written content, appropriate on-page optimization without the overuse of keywords, and making sure that the content of the page is relevant to the user.

Technical SEO

When it comes to optimization, you need to pay attention to your on-page technical optimization. This means that you should make sure that the metadata for your site is appropriate for each page, you have applied alt tags to your images, and you have followed other optimization recommendations from Google. If you don’t understand technical SEO or you are not sure if you are doing it correctly, you should hire a professional to update your website. Technical SEO is just as important as other ranking factors in determining your search engine rankings and should not be not be overlooked as you optimize your website.

You Need Content

Many people don’t consider content to a be part of SEO. However, you should consider your site content in your SEO strategy. Content that is well-optimized for the search engines is highly relevant to the content of the page and also the user that browses this page. Your content should use keywords appropriately and should follow the recommendations of Google in the use of various tags.

Links Are Important

While SEO strategies that focus on simply getting as many backlinks as possible have become outdated, link building is still important. However, your focus should be on getting links from the highest quality domains so that your site can build authority. If you are not sure how to build links for your site, you should work with an SEO professional to ensure that the links that you get for your site will not result in any penalties. As you already may know, not all links are considered to be good links. Google is also continuously redefining the definition of what it considers to be a high-quality site and a low-quality site for SEO purposes.

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