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Content Marketing to Get More Leads - Infintech Designs Aug 08, 2015

How to Use Content Marketing to Get More Leads

Content marketing is an important tool that can be used at all stages of the sales process in order to help your customers move towards a purchase. While the type of content you use will depend on your content marketing strategy, there are some general tips for success. Here is how you can use content marketing to get more leads.

Create Infographics

Infographics offer a way to display information in a visual way and can also be easily shared via social media. Infographics are designed for explaining complex topics and can work as educational tools to persuade your customers, especially when you include relevant statistics with the infographic content.

Publish White Papers and Case Studies

White papers and case studies serve a similar purpose to educate your customers. However, you can also use them to show off your track record of success. Most people decide to do business with a company based on reputation. Therefore, if you can demonstrate that your products and services have already helped other customers to see results, then your offer will likely be more enticing to customers.


Many people tend to only think of written content when it comes to content marketing. However, video should be a major part of your content marketing arsenal. The number of videos being shared via social media sites are continuously increasing and if you want to reach your customers, you should not discount the power of visual tools for your marketing. Videos are easier than ever to create with a host of video editing programs and professionals available who will create the video content that you are looking for.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most overlooked methods of marketing for small businesses. Yet, it has one of the highest ROI out of the online marketing channels for attracting and retaining customers. To attract more leads to your business, you should use email marketing to send discounts and special offers to your customers. Promotional offers that are time-sensitive or are only available to select customers can be especially effective for helping you to meet your sales goals.

Buying Guides and How-tos

If there are many products that offer similar features in your category, buying guides and how-tos can help to show customers that you are focused on helping them, rather than just making sales. Customers will also be able to refer to your content when they need help, which positions your company has the authority on the topic.

Don’t Forget About Correspondence

Not every content marketing message is going to be well-planned and thought out in advance. It is important that you also remember that your correspondence with customers while resolving support issues or answering sales questions should also be considered as a part of your content marketing. Make sure to track what you say in your messages to customers so that you see what is actually working and what else you could be doing to improve your ROI.

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