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Why-Email-Marketing-Is-Good-for-Small-Business - Infintech Designs Aug 01, 2015

Why Email Marketing Is Good for Small Business

Have you considered stepping up your email marketing efforts? If you are unsure about increasing your email marketing budget, you should be aware that email marketing offers one of the highest ROI rates when it comes to online marketing. Here are some other reasons why email marketing is good for small businesses to use to attract and retain customers.

Email Marketing Is Now Easier Than Ever

In the past, many small businesses opted to avoid putting too much effort into email marketing simply because of the fact that it was so difficult to do effectively and for a reasonable price. These days, email marketing providers have made it easier than ever to set up an email marketing campaign. You can create responsive emails, track your subscribers and analyze the performance of your messages all in one place. There is no reason why businesses should not do more email marketing especially when studies have demonstrated that email is one of the most effective tools for reaching customers.

Email Marketing Can Bring Back Inactive Customers

If you have inactive customers that don’t respond to phone calls, email marketing may do the trick. By contacting customers via email, they can decide when to act on your offer and you will also have the opportunity to demonstrate why they should return to do business with your company. Using the phone to reach out to inactive customers can be effective. However, email marketing also offers another method of getting in touch with your customers. Many businesses rely on high retention rates in order to remain profitable and it is good for your company’s bottom line to get your old customers back.

Educate Your Customers With Email

If you have reached out to customers via phone, email marketing could be just what you need to close the sale. Many customers want to take time to evaluate purchase decisions. In addition, customers are also more educated about products and services that are available before deciding to buy. As a result, you should use your email marketing to educate your customer about your products and services, as well as, your industry. You should never underestimate the power of educating your customer if you are trying to attract new business.

Get Instant Feedback

Using email marketing isn’t only about attracting customers. You can also use it to gauge how well your business is meeting the needs of your customers. As a tool for gathering data, email marketing is indispensable for small businesses. Small businesses often work on third-party data in order to gain market insights, as their own internal analytics data may be limited. However, with email marketing you can send surveys to your customers to get instant feedback on how your business is doing.

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