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Tips-for-Growing-Your-Email-List - Infintech Designs Jul 28, 2015

Tips for Growing Your Email List

Email marketing works best when you have a targeted list of users that are highly engaged with the content you provide. While the effectiveness of email marketing is not tied directly to the size of your email list, growing your email list can be effective for achieving the results you want. Here are a few tips for growing your email list.

Add Business Contacts to Your Email List

An easy way to get new subscribers is to tap into your existing list of business contacts. Your email list can be grown quickly if you focus on the network that you already have. Doing something as simple as offering a way for business contacts to sign up at your website via a QR code or special website can be a big help. In addition, you can also offer to opt-in existing contacts to the new email list when you send them content regarding a related offer.

Give Away Something for Free

Giving an item away for free or for a low-cost has been a tried and true method of email list building for years. The key, however, is to offer something irresistible. Since this method has been so overused, offering a small item with little to no perceived value is simply not going to work. However, if you can provide something that is filled with meaningful information or that is important to the user, chances are that this method will work well for your campaign.

Don’t Forget Opt-in Forms on Your Website

Signing up via an opt-in form on your website is the easiest way to attract new subscribers for your email list. By working with a website designer, you can discover the strategic locations in which to place your opt-ins in order to get the best results. Building customized landing pages that offer an opt-in box selection for signing up for your email list can also help to produce similar results.

Get Opportunities to Speak

Although this may seem old-fashioned, getting an opportunity to speak is a quick way to build your email list. In addition to growing your network of contacts, a speaking opportunity can also have the result of finding your sales directly. The speaking opportunity does not necessarily have to be offline either. Joining or hosting a webinar can provide excellent results for companies in certain industries. A webinar may be the solution to growing your email list quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the path that you take, growing your email marketing list effectively means finding the right audience for your message. Focus on finding the right audience and figuring out to connect with them if you want to grow your email list quickly.

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