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Why DIY Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work

Many people already use social media in their own personal lives. Unfortunately, this has lead to the misconception that using social media for marketing purposes is simply an extension of using it for personal reasons. As a result, there has been an explosion of small businesses that believe that DIY social media marketing works. However, the results indicate that their strategies are not working. Here are a few reasons why DIY social media marketing doesn’t work for small businesses and why it will ultimately result in failure.

Failing to Get an ROI

Many DIY social media marketers fail because of the simply principle of getting an ROI. Simply amassing followers on a social media site means nothing if you have no idea of how to translate those followers into paying customers. In addition, many DIY social media marketers spend money on paid social media advertising without doing basic things such as creating a landing page for the visitors to go to as a part of a campaign. As a result, most DIY social media marketers are spending inordinate amounts of time or money on social media with little to nothing to show for it.

Reputation Management

Do you know how to handle your social media accounts in the event of a PR crisis? Are you tracking the negative or positive things that customers are saying about your business across the web? If you are not doing this, then it is likely that your DIY social media marketing strategy will fail miserably in the event of a crisis.

Professional social media marketing incorporates reputation management to ensure that your company is tuned into the messages that are coming across social media. In addition, by employing a professional to handle your social media marketing, you can also ensure that you have a proven plan for dealing with unexpected events that could negatively affect your social media accounts or harm your company’s reputation.


Google considers social media as one of the important facets that determine search engine rankings. For businesses that choose to do social media on their own with little understanding of how their efforts impact SEO, they are likely hampering their SEO effects. Companies need to have the right reporting tools in place, as well as, a deep knowledge of the metrics required for success on social media.

When it comes to developing a social media strategy for your business, it is important not to discount the benefits that a professional online marketing agency can provide. Agencies keep up with the latest trends and understand the intersection between business goals and digital marketing success. In addition, they typically also have a wider range of resources at their disposal that will nearly guarantee success for small businesses.

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