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Twitter-Adds-Product-and-Place-Pages - Infintech Designs Jul 21, 2015

Twitter Adds Product and Place Pages

Twitter has just rolled out a new feature that will make it easier for people to obtain more information about locations and products via Twitter. Instead of having to only click through to a link in order to see more about a product or a place, now users will be able to obtain more information directly on Twitter.

What Are Product and Place Pages?

Last month, Twitter announced new features that are designed to help users find products and locations more easily by using Twitter. The features are product and place pages and are being rolled out as an experiment for only select influencers and brands according to These pages are designed to include relevant and up-to-date information. The product and place pages are going to include a number of features that provide the essential attributes including a description, pictures and videos. The pages will also have relevant Tweets from the users that you follow. There may also be news updates or content that is popular and is also related to the place or product.

What Are Curated Collections?

Product and place pages are only the first additions to be added to the website. Twitter is also planning to add a new feature call Curated Collections that will allow users to create collections to share with other users. These collections are designed to let the user’s followers know exactly what things the user likes.

While this feature is also not yet available to other people than the small test group that Twitter has created for this project, the curated collections idea may work well for the platform. Twitter already earns money for many celebrities that use the platform in the form of sponsored Tweets. In addition, brands also pay for their messages to be broadcast sitewide by paying for Twitter Ads.

More Tests Are on the Way

Twitter says that these are just the first of a series of tests that will be done over the upcoming months. However, it seems that the goal is to expand the ways in which Twitter can be used for marketing purposes. If you are promoting your brand via social media, these new features could improve your results from Twitter.

What It Means for Your Business

These recent tests also demonstrate the importance of using visual content on Twitter. Since both of these updates are designed to include more images and videos, your focus should be improving your social media strategy to include these elements. By creating more visual content, you can increase the number of followers that you have and also promote your business.

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