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Tips-for-Maintaining-Organic-Rankings - Infintech Designs Jul 18, 2015

Tips for Maintaining Organic Rankings

When there are pages of your website that have high organic rankings, it is always a pleasure to see the flood of traffic that just comes into your site automatically. However, maintaining your organic rankings is not always easy. Here are some tips to help you do SEO without disrupting your highest organic rankings.

Organic Ranking Traffic Is On the Rise

The amount of traffic that can be attributed to organic rankings is on the rise. This is because Google has to decided to penalize site owners that engage in abuse tactics like spamming and over-optimization for their websites. Google understands that marketers all want their sites to get ahead of others in the search engines. As a result, they want to prevent people from abusing the system. Therefore, if it is now harder to rank pages in the search engine, how can organic rankings be maintained?

Avoid Stuffing Content With Keywords

If you want to maintain your organic rankings, it is important to avoid over-optimization of the content on the pages. Too many website owners are more focused on ranking their sites for the top keywords than whether visitors will be satisfied with the content once they visit the website.

When you create pages for your website, using a keyword density tool can help you to make sure that you are not over-optimizing the content by repeating keyword phrases over and over. You can use synonyms of keywords that can alway be helpful to potential visitors to lower the keyword densities of the keywords that are the ones that you want to focus on. Finally, focus on your audience’s need. If they expect well-written and informative content, this is what you should provide.

Use Page Optimization to Improve the UX of Your Website

In addition to making sure that you create great content, it is also important that you keep the user experience of your website in mind. You should optimize your website so that it loads as quickly as possible. You should make sure that you fix the navigation of your site so that it is easy to use. Provide breadcrumbs for pages if there are deep links. You should also make sure that your site is compatible with every browser and is responsive.

Avoid Overusing Keyword Links

Many companies like to put keyword links on their sites. If you want to make sure that your site won’t be penalized, you should avoid putting keyword links on your site, unless they link to high traffic pages. Keyword links are considered to be spammy and you don’t want Google to lower your rankings based on this factor.

As you review your website, your main goals should be improving the quality of every page so that it is in line with the latest recommendations from Google. Your site should provide high-quality content and a great user experience if you want to maintain your organic rankings in the search engines. Make sure to check your rankings regularly for the best results.

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