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Newest Trends in Logo Design New Orleans

There aren’t rules that are set on stone when it comes to logo design. This is because the audience will always be the judge of your logo’s efficiency in bringing your company’s message across. Logos are integral when it comes to branding because they help potential consumers determine the quality of product and service that is expected from a certain brand. If you are in New Orleans and are looking for a logo design New Orleans company, make sure to choose a firm is aware of the trends in logo design and some of the best known and successful logos.

In this article, let’s take a look at some of the best known logos, their evolution and the companies that they represent.

1. Shell
This gas station’s famous single picture logo began as an inked clam shell drawing in 1900. From a simple black and white shell with jagged edges, it slowly evolved into a logo with finer edges and filled with the colors red and yellow. For about 10 years from 1948 to 1995, the words SHELL were engraved within the design but were soon erased after the red and yellow single clam became a household brand.

2. Pepsi
Pepsi’s first logo was an incomprehensible red script against a white background. But this fancy logo design was difficult to read from a distance and made outdoor advertising too challenging. So by 1962, Pepsi started using a clean back font against a colored bottle cap in the background. Today, Pepsi’s logo is a picture of a cap and the word “pepsi” is in white font.

3.  Microsoft 
Sometimes, logos can be the literal representations of the company. For instance, the first logo for Microsoft was the drawing of a window with black frames. It was a sensible representation granted that Microsoft sells the Windows Operating System. But over the year, the company also has to cope with the trends in logo design. So they came up with the idea of using the company’s name in plain, bold letters set against a plain background.

4. Renault
Renault’s first logo was like an embellishment in a crest found during the 1900s. The next two revisions included photographs of the company’s products: tanks and automobiles. The next set of evolution involved using the company’s name amidst horizontal lines. Today, however, Renault decided to proceed with their branding in a clear and easy to read design. The current logo has the word “Renault” printed in simple black font below a diamond shape and all against a plain yellow background. Renault’s branding is one fine example of how the company copes with the modern trends in logo design.

5. Siemens
Another great example of a company following the newest trends in logo design is the branding of Siemens. From a simple letter S and H put together, Siemens now uses the colored “SIEMENS” typeface against a white background.

From these examples, it can be deduced that the current trend of logo design uses bold letters against a plain background. Today is no longer the era of fancy designs with numerous elements. Apparently, the simpler your logo design is, the better your potential customers will remember the brand it represents.

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