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Twitter Marketing Tips and Strategies

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites today. More and more users are hooked into this site. In fact, even celebrities use the site to keep in touch with their fans and supporters.

For businesses, the growth of this networking site is a blessing. Internet marketing is at its peak in the past two years. Social networking sites like Twitter have made online promotion very convenient and effective. The following are some tips and strategies for a successful Twitter marketing.

1.) Understand that yours is not the first business to use Twitter for Internet marketing. Knowing this fact will help you consider different strategies so you stand out from the rest.  This also means you should consider researching your competition. This will help you get on top of the game.

2.) Take note of the important elements in a profile. Remember that your profile represents your brand in Twitterverse. It is important that you represent your brand very well.

Visitors of your site must find a background design that is unique to your brand. It should leave an impression to whoever visits your page in Twitter. This will help make your business memorable.

You should also provide a descriptive and concise bio. Remember that you have 160 characters to describe yourself or your brand. You should also justify the reasons why people should be connected to you on Twitter. In other words, make it interesting, unique, and fun.

The profile picture is another element you should think about. In Internet marketing, it is important to establish a face since users need someone who will be accountable for something. The Internet is full anonymous users. It is important for customers to identify an image with a brand. This image is often associated to the credibility of a brand.

Another element is the Tweets that you post. The whole promotion will not work if you keep posting Tweets that are boring and uninteresting. Eventually, people will unsubscribe from your page so they can save the time. Nothing kills Internet marketing better than being boring.

3.) Find your target customers.
It is very important that you know who your customers are. This helps save your time and effort. In Twitter, you can always have followers. However, if these followers are not your target customers then you will have a hard time getting conversions.

The best way to find potential customers in Twitter is by looking at the ratio of the followers and following. If the ratio is 1:1, chances are this user is interested in the same things you are offering.

4.) Some Twitter marketing professionals use other means of getting followers.
In some instances, they use their blogs to get potential followers. Websites and email newsletters are also effective ways of sharing links online. In other words, if you have a website, blog, or newsletter, make sure to add your Twitter link.

5.) Practice good manners in direct messaging
The basic rule is never spam. Users are there to be part of a community. Spamming will only get you banned from the site.

Brian Hong leads a team of online marketing experts who can help you promote your business through Twitter. You can visit his website at or call him at 504-717-4837 for more information.

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