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Not Using Email Marketing Correctly Means Lost Sales - Infintech Designs Feb 28, 2015

Not Using Email Marketing Correctly Means Lost Sales

Email marketing does not end with the simple step of setting up an account with an email marketing provider. In fact, you must work to provide an excellent experience in order to get the best results. However, when it is not done correctly, you also risk losing sales. Here are some tips for boosting your email marketing campaign so that you continue to grow sales from your marketing efforts.

Focus on Marketing Not Selling

Email marketing should not be an endless blast of discounts and sales. Instead, if you want to drive more sales, you need to focus on the marketing aspect of email marketing. Start by determining how you can reach the right group of potential customers. You should invite individuals that have interests similar to the products and services that your business offers to receive valuable information in their inboxes.

Make Sure Your Emails Are Responsive

With the advent of responsive design, customers also expect your email marketing messages to be responsive as well. Without updating your email marketing messages, you are potentially losing out on sales. If a customer has difficulty reading your email marketing message via a mobile device, he or she will likely delete or ignore your messages. In addition, you should make sure that the emails that you send include size appropriate buttons. This will ensure that your mobile users can interact with your content with ease.

Segment Your Users

All email marketing messages are not intended for every person on your email list. Segmenting your users is the first step to achieving better results from your email marketing campaign. In addition, the users can benefit from this action in that they will only receive content that is specifically targeted to them. Using your email marketing campaign to drive more sales for your business means that you need to reach the potential customer with the right message at the right time. Segmentation of your user base can allow you to do this more effectively.


Tracking and testing your email marketing campaign is essential for improving your results. If you have a sales team, you can also extend the testing of your email marketing campaign to include the sales team by polling customers during or after sales calls. As a result of this method, you can get immediate feedback on how your email marketing campaign is helping to persuade customers to buy.

Reviewing analytics data regarding link clicks and engagement can also be a good indicator of the performance of an email marketing campaign with regards to increasing sales. Focusing on metrics that directly result in sales outcomes is the best way to use email marketing effectively to increase sales.

If you need assistance with designing an email marketing campaign to help you drive more sales, Infintech Designs can help. Click here to request a complete review of your email marketing strategy today.

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