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Online Marketing Facts and Fiction - Infintech Designs Dec 30, 2014

Online Marketing Facts and Fiction

While there are many blogs that cover internet marketing news daily, there are still myths that abound regarding certain aspects of internet marketing. While some of these myths may have once been true, they were made false simply by being replaced by an algorithm update. Other myths revolve around the fact that all internet marketing methods are not necessarily right for every type of business. Here are the real answers to help you separate out the facts when it comes to internet marketing.

Getting As Much Traffic As Possible Is Good

Many website owners seem to still think that getting as much traffic as possible is good for their websites. However, this is completely a myth. What is more important is the quality of the traffic. If the traffic is low quality, not only will conversion rates suffer but the bounce rate on the pages of the site will be greatly increased. Getting more traffic is good, but as long as it is only highly targeted traffic. Getting tons of low quality, untargeted traffic is virtually useless and the sites that provide such traffic are best left unused.

Online Marketing Only Needs to Be Done One Time

Unfortunately, many business owners still don’t understand that online marketing is not a one time effort. If you start off getting great results from a paid online marketing campaign, in order to retain such results, you must continue to work on the online marketing strategy. The idea that online marketing only has to be done once is a myth.

Social Media Is Useless for Business

A lot of business owners have hesitated to get started because they have bought into the myth that social media is useless. In fact, because of social media, online marketers are now better able to target their messages to the individuals that need to see them. Social media has made it possible reach grandmothers over 50 or males over 25 without having to use expensive market research tools or rely on estimates.

In fact social media can help your business to develop relationships that would have not otherwise been possible. In addition, social media is an excellent way to provide social proof that your business carries a well-developed reputation and is a reliable company to do business with.

SEO Is Internet Marketing

These days much of the focus has shifted away from SEO when it comes to online marketing. Content, video and social media are coming to the forefront as major components of a online marketing strategy. The idea that SEO is the main focus of online marketing is now a myth. Today, brands need to focus on a complete multi-channel internet marketing strategy in order to be successful rather than to rely on SEO which has increasingly become unpredictable.

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