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Should New Orleans Web Designers Start Designing for Mobile Viewing?

At present, New Orleans web designers are working with the screen resolution of 1024×768 because it is the safest. But many designers advise the use of fluid, tableless layouts that can expand and contract depending on the browser settings. While the issue of the correct screen resolution for computers has not yet been fully resolved, in comes the android phones and mobile marketing.

Is the time ripe for mobile-friendly websites?
This isn’t the era of mobile-friendly websites yet but judging from the millions of smart phones that companies like Apple and Verizon have sold in the first  quarter of this year, the age of mobile marketing is just near. The transition will not happen in just one year as there will simply be too many that will get affected. Hence, it is important that you prepare your company for the future by taking the time to begin the process of creating a version of your site that is compatible with most smart phone browsers.

It is important that you choose the right New Orleans web designers to create a feasible mobile web design based on your existing site. The right website should be able to meet the following standards:

  • The layout should continue to express the important messages of your site, thereby maintaining the best attributes of your site. This will help establish a distinguishable commonness that would make it easier for visitors to identify your site even when viewing it in an obviously smaller resolution.
  • New Orleans web designers should also focus on usability of features in order to maximize the limited resolution in mobile devices. This means that there should be effective customization of Call to Action as well as an SEO friendly design
  • The mobile equivalent should be in line with the strategies for website accessibility in a way that it is set in mobile browser compatibility settings. Further, make sure that your website uses optimized graphics for quick downloading. The use of Flash is not a good idea especially if you are not 100% sure of your audience’s phone capabilities.
  • Despite the fact that it is viewed in a smaller screen, your business website should still be eye-friendly. This can be achieved by hiring New Orleans web designers that use cool color schemes, minimal scrolling as well as typing. Moreover, there should be no visual noise upon trimming the page to a smaller resolution for your mobile phone.

Now these are a lot of information to process and fit in a resolution that adjusts to the screen of any mobile device. The best way to approach this pending change is to conduct a study of how many of your target audience use smart phones. Of this number, narrow down on how many are planning to buy an android phone in the future as well as who have constant access to the internet using wi-fi or plan. Once you have come up with some specifics, start looking for New Orleans web designers that are known experts in creating liquid layouts or layouts that automatically adjust to the screen resolution for the best viewing experience.

You need to keep up with the trends in order to always outrank your competition. So if you have decided to go mobile and need expert opinion, contact Brian Hong at 504-717-4837 or log on to

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